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Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is a time for the entire family to celebrate, and that includes our dogs! We all want our dogs to be able to enjoy the foods that we enjoy. However, as tempted as we are to feed them the same foods we consume, it is important to remember the foods our furry friends can’t eat.

There are a few basic important rules to keep in mind if you decide to feed your dog some of the Thanksgiving feast:

Remember Portion Sizes– As much as we want to overindulge our dogs on this special holiday, it is important to limit the amount of food we give them. Try not to give them more than a bite or two of human foods at a time.

Analyze Ingredients– Often times, Thanksgiving dishes are a combination of a lot of ingredients and seasonings that we throw together without thinking about if they are safe for our pets or not. If you are planning to feed your dog, remember what each recipe called for!

Sensitive Stomachs– Every dog has their own dietary concerns, and it is vital to know and understand what your dog’s are! Before the holiday approaches, it is helpful to write down what your dog can have and compare that with what will be on the menu for dinner.

Setting aside your dog’s personal dietary needs and restrictions, here is a list of foods and ingredients that your dog should not be consuming this Thanksgiving:

-Stuffing– Often times, stuffing contains ingredients like onions, scallions, and garlic. These vegetables cannot be fed to your dog because it is extremely toxic for them. If your stuffing does not contain these ingredients, it is safe to feed to them in small portions.

Butter– Many dishes like mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes include this ingredient. With it’s high fat content, dogs should not consume butter as it can lead to an upset stomach.

Ham– Pork products are a big no-no for dogs, as they can lead to pancreatitis and vomiting. Even in small quantities, it should be avoided as it’s high fat content is not healthy for dogs.

Pumpkin Pie– As much as we want to share our delicious dessert with our dogs, traditional pumpkin pie contains high levels of sugar and butter, which are too rich for dogs to consume.

At this point, you may be thinking to yourself, what can I feed my dog during Thanksgiving? A general rule of thumb that is important to remember, is that the simpler the dish is, the better. Dogs have complex stomachs and it is best to keep their dishes as basic as possible, meaning less is better!

Thankfully, with our dogs in mind, many pet food companies have created Thanksgiving edition meals so that they can still enjoy a nice treat alongside their humans! Here is a list of great, dog friendly meals to feed your four-legged friend this Thanksgiving:

  • Variety – Mom’s Turkey Dinner

If you still want to include your dog in the Thanksgiving festivities, follow this recipe and give your dog the true homemade experience! If you have any more questions about what your dog can and can’t eat, call our office today!

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