What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is capable of safely delivering 100% pure oxygen to tissues in the body due to the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber.

HBOT is useful and is most of given in combination with other modes of therapy.

How is HBOT Administered?

The patient is placed into hyperbaric chamber designed specifically for small animals. At a maximum of 2 Atmospheric pressure (ATA), and closely monitored by trained staff members, 100% pure oxygen treatment are given one to two times daily with each treatment lasting about 1 hour.

How safe is HBOT?

Breathing 100% oxygen at 2ATA for 60 Minutes is a remarkably safe regimen. Patients usually are not required to undergo any sedation and can remain calm and relaxed during treatment.

In addition, all chamber operators are tested, certified and follow strict safely guidelines which ensure the patient is receiving optimum care.