Cat neurologists can be hard to find. However, if you are from or near Mission Viejo, a cat neurologist is located near you! A cat neurologist in Mission Viejo is conveniently located for our patients who live in the area. Many may not realize, but a cat neurosurgeon in Mission Viejo is just as important as having a vet.

What is a cat neurologist?

A cat neurologist in Mission Viejo is a field of work that focuses on the feline’s nervous system. Neurologists study and must treat conditions that can affect or hinder the nerves, brain, muscles, and spinal cord. Although similar, dogs and cats are still two different types of animals. A general animal neurologist will still be able to assist you and your cat. Still, if you want specialty care, we recommend seeing a cat neurologist or cat neurosurgeon in Mission Viejo.

How can I tell if my cat has a neurological issue?

There are different ways to tell if your cat needs to be seen by a neurologist. Neurological issues can happen at random and can occur from trauma, injury, genetic disorders, even life-style or environmental causes. If you feel your cat may need to be seen by a cat neurologist in Mission Viejo, then be on the lookout for this following signs and symptoms.

  • Lack of coordination
  • Blindness
  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of balance
  • Weakness
  • Walking or pacing in circles
  • Weakness
  • Tremors
  • Seizure
  • Coma

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the signs and symptoms your pet is showing, please give us a call right away. We can be reached at 949-716-9270.

How much can a cat neurologist cost?

Cat neurologist cost in Mission Viejo can vary depending on your cat’s neurological needs. There will be a flat fee for the office visit and examination. If extra services are needed like x-rays, ct scan, MRI, ect., then costs can increase. If cat neurosurgery in Mission Viejo is required, then costs will definitely increase. If you need assistance with costs, some resources can help. Always ask if the office takes payment plans and any form of pet insurance. These can help you not to pay a substantial amount upfront, which can be extremely costly.

If you do not have pet insurance and worry you may need to set money aside for any future emergencies, we also suggest saving money little by little over time for your pet. Any amount can help you with any fees or services you may need to pay for.

Just like humans, your cat has a brain and brain functions that help your pet function normally. There are times when your cat gets sick or injured, and their neurological system can be affected. This is why we have a cat neurologist in Mission Viejo, as well as a cat neurosurgeon in Mission Viejo. Both our neurologist and neurosurgeon understand how to treat conditions that happen in the nervous system. Neurosurgeons have to know how to perform surgery to fix issues from within correctly. The nervous system comprises of muscles, nerves, spinal cord, and of course, the brain.

Becoming a neurologist takes a lot of education and a lot of work. You can rest assured knowing that our cat neurologist in Mission Viejo and cat neurosurgeon in Mission Viejo are highly skilled and trained. To become a cat neurologist, you have to attend four years of undergraduate schooling, followed by four years of veterinary school. If you think eight years of school is a lot, well the education only continues. After eight years are completed, the next step is to do one year of a general internship followed by a year of a specialty internship. Once all of these are completed, three years of neurology or a neurosurgery residency is required.

With all this schooling, comes amazing cat neurologists and neurosurgeons. We wanted to list the required education so you can understand that your pet is in great hands when they come to our Brightcare Veterinary Center. The cost of bringing your cat into our office can vary depending on your pet’s situation. We do have a general office visit cost, but that applies to everyone who comes in and needs to be seen. A cat neurologist cost in Mission Viejo depends on what preexisting or current complication your pet is having.

Whether your cat has had these issues or is recently exhibiting them, be on the lookout for these neurological signs. If your cat starts walking in circles for no apparent reason or has a head tilt, they should be seen. If they seem confused or have abnormal eye movements, it could potentially be a sign that there is something serious going on. Pricing can be between the hundreds to thousands depending on what is going on with your cat’s neurological system.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call or bring them in to see us if you feel that your case is experiencing neurological symptoms. We are here to help.


What are the reasons to see a cat neurologist?

A cat neurologist in Mission Viejo has undergone specialized training to help with the more complex issues afflicting your cat. You should consult with a cat neurologist if your pet has become disoriented or suddenly lacks coordination.

What causes neurological problems in cats?

You can visit a cat neurologist in Mission Viejo if your cat is suffering from neurological complications due to old age or congenital disease. Other reasons why your cat may suffer from neurological problems include infections or trauma to the central or peripheral nervous systems.

How do I know if my cat has a neurological problem?

Keep an eye out for your cat’s behavior. You may need to take them to a cat neurologist in Mission Viejo to care for very complex issues. If they suffered previous trauma, or if they are old age, some odd behaviors can be the result of neurological problems, and the best thing to do is to visit a neurologist.

What are the signs and symptoms of neurological disorder in cats?

It can be hard to communicate with your pet, but you should come to a cat neurologist in Mission Viejo if your pet presents any of the following symptoms: loss of balance, extreme weakness, or even seizures.

Why would your cat need to see a neurosurgeon?

You may need help from a cat neurosurgeon in Mission Viejo if they require invasive procedures to improve their quality of life. For example, old cats are prone to the development of a type of tumor that can put pressure on their brains. A cat neurosurgeon can help remove those tumors and help your pet live on for several years.