Non-Neurologic CT and MRI Referrals

As a service to referring veterinarians and their clients, BrightCare Animal Neurology and Imaging offers high quality on-site CT and MR imaging to the referring veterinarians and their clients. This service is only offered for stable patients on weekdays (from 9 am to 5 pm) and on outpatient basis. Emergencies, critically ill, or unstable patients should be admitted through our emergency department (Animal ER).

All patients that require neurological imaging (brain and spinal cord) need a consultation with the vet neurologist first prior to advanced imaging.

Referring the patient

The primary care veterinarian refers the client and pet to the BrightCare Animal Neurology and Imaging by submitting the Non-Neurologic Advanced Imaging Referral Form online or via fax to us. CBC & Chemistry Panel results (performed within the last 14 days) should be faxed to the us prior to the appointment. The referring veterinarian will decide which type of non-neurological imaging is appropriate, CT vs MRI. CT is generally better in evaluating bone or calcified tissues while MRI is usually better in evaluating soft tissues. If you have any questions or need assistance with the decision-making feel free to contact us and discuss it with Dr. Gorgi.

Scheduling the appointment

The owner will contact us to schedule an appointment. Food and water should be withheld from pets for 12 hours prior to the appointment to prevent any anesthetic complications due to nausea, vomiting or aspiration of food. Small amounts of water may be provided to avoid dehydration. If your pet is diabetic, consult your veterinarian about feeding prior to the appointment. The referring veterinarian should advise as to whether or not client should continue giving any current medications.


The patient will receive a physical exam on admission and one of our doctors will direct and supervise the care of the pet while hospitalized and undergoing anesthesia for CT or MRI. Specially trained CT and MRI technologists and veterinary technicians with experience in anesthesia and recovery, assist the doctor. Clients are welcome to wait at our facility; however, the pet’s stay will be approximately 4 hours or longer so clients may wish to make plans to return later. Although the CT or MRI study will take only 15-60 minutes, general anesthesia is required in order to prevent movement during the scan. The pet will be observed in the hospital until fully recovered from the effects of anesthesia.


The doctors at the BrightCare Animal Neurology and Imaging do not interpret the results of non-neurological studies. Instead, the digital images of the study will be transferred to a board-certified radiologist for interpretation. Results of the study will be sent via email or fax to the referring veterinarian within 1 business day. The imaging study will be copied to CD and given to the referring veterinarian via the owner or could be viewed online.