Meet Dr. Gorgi

Board Certified Neurologist/Neurosurgeon

Our vet neurologist, Dr. Gorgi has been practicing veterinary neurology and neurosurgery in Southern California for over 10 years. During this time, he has been responsible for building and expansion of some of the most successful neurology departments in different specialty hospitals in West Los Angeles and Orange County. Dr. Gorgi is progressive, integrative, compassionate, and remains at the forefront of all available modalities to treat different neurologic and neurosurgical diseases. Dr. Gorgi is an adjunct clinical professor at Western University of Medical Sciences in Pomona, Ca.

Dr. Gorgi decided to use all his expertise, experience, and compassion as an expert vet neurologist to establish the most sophisticated and advanced veterinary neurological center in Southern California and Orange County. By establishing the center more, patients from areas in Long Beach, Corona, Irvine and the Greater Los Angeles area have access to much need veterinary neurological services.

Dr. Gorgi has lectured extensively locally, nationally, and internationally in different animal neurology and neurosurgery topics. As an expert pet neurologist, he has been invited to the International Symposium in Veterinary Surgery for lecturing and conducting workshops with other renowned vet neurologists in the field of veterinary neurosurgery. He has been invited to different universities and veterinary organizations worldwide to further train veterinarians in neurology and neurosurgery.

Dr. Gorgi has been actively involved with multiple research projects. He has published in veterinary journals and is the author of the Status Epilepticus (seizures) chapter in Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine which is considered the most comprehensive and prestigious reference for Small Animal Veterinarians.

Not only is Dr. Gorgi a skilled vet neurologist in Mission Viejo, he is also a highly accomplished neurosurgeon. As part of his research project during his residency, he has developed a novel technique in dogs for surgical treatment of congenital vertebral anomalies. He is one of the few veterinarians in California to be certified to perform cervical disc arthroplasty (artificial disc) in dogs. Dr. Gorgi has continued to advance the art and science of neurosurgery and has made modifications to the PMMA plug technique for cervical disease. In addition to the more common neurosurgical procedures (such as decompressive surgery for intervertebral disc disease), Dr. Gorgi has routinely performed more advanced procedures for hydrocephalus, caudal occipital malformation syndrome (Chiari malformation), atlantoaxial luxation, Wobblers syndrome, spinal and brain tumors, and spinal and skull fracture repairs.

When not in the hospital, Dr. Gorgi can generally be found spending time with his wife and two sons, and their Golden Retriever.