A Veterinary Neurologist Oceanside Pet Parents Can Trust In

Our vet neurologist, Dr. Gorgi, is committed to providing you with all his expertise and knowledge to help your pets overcome some of the most challenging complications they can face.

If your pet requires care from the best vet neurologist Oceanside has available, you can trust that you’ll find a specialist and an entire team willing to do everything they can for your pet. Unfortunately, specialized veterinary healthcare is not as common as human healthcare, which is why the team at BrightCare does everything that’s possible to help small animals receive treatment.

We will coordinate care with your pet’s veterinarian to help overcome problems related to their brain, spinal cord, and overall nervous system. Come to us for the best specialized vet neurology care in Oceanside!

Dog Neurology in Oceanside

Dogs have a unique relationship with us. They become members of our families and are so willing to love us from the moment they set their eyes on us.

Unfortunately, many dog breeds are prone to developing neurological problems and we can help with many such scenarios. If you have a Daschund, French Bulldog, or Beagle, you should ask your pet’s veterinarian about neurological care whenever necessary.

We have proudly served many pet parents and their dogs to overcome some difficult health situations and we hope to help you as well!

Cat Neurologist serving Oceanside

How could we forget about cats?

Anyone who says cats are unloving has clearly never had a cat under their care. Cats are complex creatures but they are very loving nonetheless. Regrettably, felines can also develop neurological conditions that require specialized care.

You can bring your cat to our veterinary neurology center to receive the treatment they require. Get in touch with our team for more information!

What Small Animal Neurology Involves

When you bring your pet or small animal for treatment, we will have to perform several tests to determine the source of the problem and discard potential complications.

At BrightCare Veterinary Group, the team can perform several in-house diagnostics to determine where your pet’s problem originates. Some complex situations involving your pet’s brain will require advanced imaging to give specialists a clearer picture of what’s happening. And in very specific cases, you will be glad to know we’re the first and only vet hospital to offer stereotactic neuronavigation to perform minimally invasive biopsies

Coming from Oceanside is simple; once here, your pet or small animal can get:

  • Complete Neurological Evaluation
  • Digital Radiography
  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • Spine and Brain Biopsy
  • In-house Laboratory Testing
  • Neurosurgery

That’s right; if your pet suffers from a neurological condition, you can come to us for treatment!

How to Find the Best Dog Neurology Vet Near Me in Oceanside?

You can trust our team to do everything we can to help your pet when they need specialized neurology healthcare services. We’re in Mission Viejo, but we proudly serve our neighbors from amazing cities such as Oceanside.

Getting to us from Oceanside feels like a breeze. You can just drive north on the San Diego Freeway, take exit 88 onto Oso Parkway and make a left on the Marguerite Parkway crossing.

You can always find directions from your location following this link to navigate to our clinic.

We hope you can find us if your pet requires any specialized neurology services. We’ll be here to help your pet get back to their playful self and provide them with our signature veterinary care.