We live and breathe vet neurology!

Most advanced technology

  • We only offer the best and most advanced technology for our patients. MRI, CT scan, digital radiography, and a myriad of in-house lab work are all available under the same roof. This means that your pet will receive the most appropriate diagnostics based on his/her needs, rather than receiving what’s “available”. Unlike other practices that offer “veterinary-grade” (low magnet) MRI and CT scans that provide low-quality images and increased anesthesia time, we offer “human-grade” high-field MRI and CT scan, similar to the quality that is used for people.
  • We are the first and only veterinary hospital in Southern California to offer stereotactic brain biopsy (neuro-navigation). This is a minimally invasive procedure to obtain brain biopsies and aid in more accurate and optimal brain surgeries such as tumor removal. This exciting and advanced technology that is commonly used in people will be available for pets for the first time in places like Long Beach, Corona, Irvine, Orange County and Southern California.

Experience and expertise and compassion

  • Veterinary support staff have treated and managed thousands of neurological patients with many different conditions. Your pet’s diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up are in the hands of one specialist and a team of experienced neurology technicians. You consult with one specialist instead of multiple specialists. We are aware of all the treatment options available for your pet’s condition.
  • We offer 24-hour care in our veterinary hospital facility. This ensures that your pet is being handled at the same facility at all time rather than being transferred to another facility that is not familiar with your pet and their condition for overnight care.

Superior Service

We are a member of the community

  • We are a member of the community and believe providing what is most needed and best suited for our community. We have an in-depth understanding of the needs of the veterinary community and pet parents in this area. Our vet neurologists and staff are dedicated to helping animals to the best of their ability. We are proud to offer a truly world-class neurology center in our neighborhood of Southern California. We serve patients from as far west as Long Beach, as inland as Corona and as far south as Irvine and Oceanside. This is different than large corporations that build practices based on their business models rather than what’s best for the patient or the need of the community.
  • We give back to the community by providing continuing education programs for the veterinarian, educating clients, and supporting local groups.

Proactive and advanced pain management

  • When we say that we have a NO PAIN policy we mean it! Whether it is acute trauma, post-operative patient, or chronic disease, our vet neurologist uses multiple modalities and treatments to get the best pain control possible. When possible we treat the underlying cause of pain to achieve the best results rater that only symptomatically treating the pain.

24/7 Emergency Service (Animal ER)

Owned by local veterinarians and vet neurologists

  • We are owned by veterinarians and members of the community. We understand the needs of our community and the importance of the personal relationships with the referring veterinarian community and our clients. Unlike large corporations with complicated business models, our approach is simple: how can we offer our patients and clients the best medicine, care, and technology possible.

Owned by Veterinarians

Committed to Community

Intensive Caring!