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Corona Small Animal Neurology Clinic

We are proud to be the first and only veterinary center serving Corona to specialize in neurology and imaging for dogs and cats. Our state-of-the-art facility provides everything patients need to receive quality care right here in Orange County.

Unfortunately, there are limited resources available for animals in the field of veterinary neurology. Your pet should live a long, healthy life with you; this is why they need to have access to quality medical care. Having access to treatment and research of complications relating to the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system are essential for animals suffering from neurological conditions. These are the reasons Bright Care Animal Neurology and Imaging opened as a veterinary neurological center.

Dog Neurologist in Corona

We strive to provide our patients with the best experience and quality medical care. For us to provide the best experience, we’ve made it our mission to acquire the best equipment, treatment, and technology available. Our facility has supplies and expertise that you will not be able to find elsewhere in Orange County.  The health and well-being of our animal patients are a priority to our veterinary neurologists and staff.

Located Conveniently Off the 5 Freeway

There’s no need for expensive flights or out-of-state road trips; your pet can receive specialized treatment with a short drive to our facility in Orange County! Bright Care Animal Neurology & Imaging is extremely close to from Corona, CA. Located in Mission Viejo, our animal neurology hospital sits right on the border of Mission Viejo and the 5 freeway. You can take the 5 or 241 freeway straight down to our veterinary neurology center. 

Alongside our state-of-the-art neurological diagnostic tools, our patients are provided an intensive care unit and complete surgical suite.  We also offer blood products and medications that may be needed. Our facility is fully equipped to handle any emergency we have to face. Our hospital has the most advanced surgical, anesthetic, diagnostics, and monitoring equipment, so your pet can receive the best care possible. A large number of our patients are from the surrounding cities and are typically recommended to us by many local animal hospitals and urgent care. The recommendations are due to our specialization in neurological diagnostics and treatment.

It can be difficult for families to constantly travel back and forth from Corona to Orange County for appointments. Our facility is open 24 hours for your convenience. Pet owners have the option to leave their pets with our staff overnight if needed. This way, pet owners can return to prior responsibilities.

Our Corona Vet Neurologist & Staff

Dr. Gorgi is a skilled vet neurologist with over 10 years of experience. He has dedicated his life to expanding veterinary neurology departments throughout Orange County and West Lost Angeles. He is also a highly accomplished neurosurgeon and medical researcher and has taught as an adjunct professor. He has been published in multiple veterinary journals for his research at the Western University of Medical Sciences. Dr. Gorgi also lectured at the International Symposium of Veterinary Surgery. At our Bright Care Animal Neurology Center, he aims to promote an environment of learning and establish a progressive, integrative, and compassionate veterinary practice.

Treating every patient with kindness and personalized care is our staff’s number one priority. Our Bright Care staff is under the supervision of our experienced veterinarian and is highly trained in vet neurology and neurosurgery. You can put your trust in us knowing that your pets are going to be in great care.

Veterinary Neurology Center Serving Corona

We understand just how important your pets are to your families. We never want to see animals suffering from treatable illnesses. Without proper management, neurological conditions can progress quickly. Our facility is conveniently located a short drive down the 5 freeway, so your pet can get the treatment they need. The services we provide include:

  • Diagnostics:  Patients will undergo a thorough neurological examination for accurate diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Stereotactic Neuronavigation:  Bright Care Animal Neurology is the first and only neurology specialty center in Southern California. We provide stereotactic neuronavigation for minimally invasive brain and spinal biopsies.
  • Advanced Imaging: Our facility is equipped with an in-house MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner to identify issues with our patients’ brain or spinal cord. We also have a CT (Computer Tomography) Scan to create cross-sectional images of the bones, blood vessels, and soft tissue. 
  • Medical Neurology:  We provide treatment/management for neurological conditions such as seizures, strokes, brain tumors, spinal conditions, neuromuscular disease, meningitis, and more. 
  • Neurosurgery: Our veterinary neurosurgeon has successfully operated on animals for years. His expertise includes intervertebral disc surgery, spinal fracture repair, lumbosacral surgery, skull fracture repair, cervical arthroplasty, atlantoaxial stabilization, tumor removals, craniotomy, and more.

To discover more about our services and the neurological disorders we can treat,  please head over to our Services page. We provide extensive, in-depth information about our processes and animal neurology. Pet owners can benefit from learning more about signs of illness and post-surgery care.

Dog Neurologist Mission Viejo


What are the benefits of opting vet neurology?

There are so many benefits when you opt for a vet neurology Corona, the first one is to prevent any major damage in any condition or disease your pet might have. Besides saving the life of your beloved, we have to also consider the time and money. Time is key to save time and discard any condition or catch it at the beginning stages. By doing this you will also prevent unnecessary and multiple visits to a family veterinary that despite all efforts will not be able to give your pet the care and help needed. When a pet has a brain trauma or a tumor, or a spinal cord damage or back fracture it is better to treat them with the specialist.

Why is a vet neurology necessary?

A vet neurology Corona will diagnose and treat several conditions affecting the brain, the spinal cord, and any other one related to muscles and nerves. Conditions that you might not think of such as inner ear disorders and neuromuscular diseases will affect the peripheral nervous system and they are better treated with your vet neurologist.

What is a board-certified veterinary neurologist?

A board-certified veterinary neurologist Corona is the veterinary doctor with a doctorate in veterinary medicine (DVM), but who has also completed specialized training in the field of veterinary neurology.

What drugs are used by veterinary neurologists to treat neurological disorders?

Not all neurological conditions demand the same treatment and/or medication. When you visit your veterinary neurologist Corona, after complete examination and diagnosis your vet will discuss with you all treatments and medication needed. They can vary and they will aid your pet treat the illness and any altered behavior.

What are signs of neurological disorders in dogs?

Your dog neurologist Corona recommends to seek immediate attention if you see any of the following signs: Seizures, changes in gait/balance, lack of coordination, head and eye strange movements, spinal/back pain, visible hernias/tumors and any other abnormal behavior.

Can dog food cause neurological problems?

Your dog neurologist Corona always recommends a healthy diet and lifestyle for your dog, such as daily walks, appropriate healthy food, and regular vets visits. Additionally, all owners need to familiarize themselves with their dogs patterns and behaviors and if you see anything strange schedule a visit right away. Remember that prevention is key with our beloved pets.