Bright Care Emergency Animal Clinic Mission Viejo has been serving our community for years. Our mission is to dedicate our lives to the wellbeing of our pets and people. The love we have for veterinary medicine provides us with the compassionate and caring nature needed for our beloved animals and if you combine that commitment with the expertise and integrity of our staff you have the best Mission Viejo animal hospital emergency.

We Are Dedicated, Emergency Vet Services Provider

We are a dedicated 24-hour animal hospital, veterinary neurology, and neurosurgery clinic with estate of the art technology. We offer the best quality services and Mission Viejo emergency veterinarians to our patients in a way that is loving, comprehensive, and with the highest standard of veterinary medicine needed for the recovery of our patients.

Dog Hospital Emergency Services 

Our Emergency Animal Clinic Mission Viejo is fully equipped to provide you and your pet with the ultimate standard in emergency medical and critical care and our services include: Hospitalization and Treatment, 24 Hour Animal Emergency Care, Ultrasound, Digital X-ray, Full in-house Laboratory for immediate results, Endoscopy/Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal, Wound and Laceration Repair, Blood Transfusion, Oxygen Therapy, Treatment and Management of Seizures, Treatment of Acute Paralysis and Spinal Conditions Onsite, Treatment and Management of Vestibular Disease and Other Neurological Conditions, Modern operating rooms for emergency surgeries, CT scan and MRI, Ultrasound/Echocardiography; and we also have consulting specialists in surgery, cardiology, and Internal medicine/ultrasound.

We are proud to count with the best Mission Viejo emergency veterinarians, technicians and staff that have treated a wide variety of neurological patients with numerous different conditions. Rest assured that your pet will be given the most complete diagnosis exam, best treatment, and expert follow-up care needed to restore their health. And, our Mission Viejo animal hospital emergency facility offers 24-hour care, so we are with our patients at all times. As we are also fully equipped, our patients do not need to be transferred from one facility to another one. We can perform all diagnosis, treatments, and all necessary procedures right here at the clinic including overnight care.

Bright Care Emergency Animal Clinic Mission Viejo superior service is here for our patients and their families from the minute you walk into our clinic. We are committed to our community and to the health of our patients, and with complete knowledge, expertise and technology needed for our patients and clients.

What is a veterinary emergency?

If your pet is experiencing a veterinary emergency, please take them to see an emergency vet in Mission Viejo. Emergencies require immediate attention for a vet to help your pet in need. Situations can be severe and scary. Remember to remain calm.

Is there a 24-hour pet emergency hotline?

At Brightcare Veterinary Group, we are open 24-hours a day for seven days a week. We are always on stand-by ready for any call that comes in. If your pet needs to be seen and you are dealing with an emergency, please contact us at 949-716-9270.

Who do I call for an animal emergency?

As mentioned in the previous question, if you are experiencing an emergency, please give us a call at 949-716-9270. We can get an understanding of the situation, and we will be able to let you know if you should come in immediately. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

When should you go to the emergency vet?

You should take your pet to the emergency vet in Mission Viejo as soon as possible. Be sure to give the vet a call before to alert them of the situation. They will be able to guide you and also prepare for you and your pet’s arrival. Remember to stay calm for your pet

How do I know if my pet is experiencing an emergency?

If you notice your pet acting strangely, you could be experiencing an animal emergency in Mission Viejo. Call your vet and let them know what you are observing, and they will tell you if your pet will need emergency care. If they do, take them in.

What should you do in a pet emergency?

In a pet emergency, it is best to stay calm. Assess the situation and determine if your pet needs a vet. If you think your pet needs help, give the vet a call. Once you call and they tell you to come in, take your pet to the emergency vet in Mission Viejo. Although it is an emergency, you need to remember to obey traffic laws.