Group Lobby - BrightCare Animal Emergency

Our Mission

Bright Care Veterinary Group is a 24 hour animal hospital dedicated to the veterinary profession and will work continually to learn, educate, and provide best practices for the good of our community. We work synergistically with our patients, their pet parents, and the primary care veterinarians to garner trust, respect, and knowledge that ultimately accomplishes outstanding results.

We have and will continue to invest in our facility, our equipment, our staff and our doctors in order to offer the best care and up-to-date methodologies. Compassion, knowledge, and skills are forever aforethought and never an afterthought; each patient will always be treated with kindness and care. Complete attention and focus will be given to every patient to ensure a professional environment while delivering personalized service that is conducive to trust.

Our untiring efforts to keep our 24 hour animal hospital open for any emergency, with even the most challenging cases will be a true portrayal of how our hearts and lives are dedicated to only one thing: the good health of your beloved pet.

We are owned by local veterinarians that understand the needs of our community. Every effort has been made to create and “world-class” veterinary center that still has a sense of community. From our interactions with our colleagues and clients to our compassionate and thoughtful patient care, it becomes obvious that we take pride in serving our community and beyond!

Owned by Veterinarians.
Committed to Community.
Intensive Caring!


Bright Care Animal ER’s philosophy is that of dedicating and perfecting our lives to offer the very best there is in veterinary medicine. The compassionate and caring nature of our staff and of our doctors is the cornerstone of Bright Care Veterinary Group.  The combined expertise and integrity of our Group is the cohesive bond that sets our 24 hour animal hospital apart as being the best in the field of veterinary neurology and neurosurgery.

Because we do hold ourselves to a higher standard, we pledge the following to our patients:

  • We offer the highest quality care and emergency services to our patients in a way that is caring, thorough, and conducive to that of healing.
  • We will create an environment at our 24 hour animal hospital that nurtures our staff, peers, doctors, and clients with knowledge and education that serves to benefit the community.
  • We will dedicate our lives to continuous learning and be at the forefront of cutting-edge changes that can occur within the realm of veterinary medicine.
  • We will invest our lives in progressive technology and methodologies to maintain the highest standard of veterinary medicine with the use of advanced technology, innovative medicine, and compassionate care.