Animal Emergency Care

Emergency Veterinarian Serving Ladera Ranch

Pet emergencies don’t wait for business hours. Life happens and when they do it always seems like its at the time when no one is open. Most family veterinary clinics are open the normal 9 to 5, but are unavailable after hours.

BrightCare Animal Emergency is a 24 hour facility that allows pet owners to leave their pets overnight if there is a need for continual monitoring and care. This means no need to transfer to another facility or driving to another doctor. Everything is handled in the confines of our animal hospital.

Located On the Border of Ladera Ranch & Mission Viejo

Located only 4 miles away from the center of Ladera Ranch, our animal emergency hospital sits right on the border of Mission Viejo and Ladera Ranch. BrightCare Animal Emergency works together with your local family veterinary clinic to provide 24 hour emergency veterinary services for Ladera Ranch.

Our veterinarians see many families from Ladera Ranch and work with many family veterinarians in the area to provide the best care for our furry friends in the Ladera Ranch area.

Conveniently located at the Mission Viejo Marketplace across the street from the Presbyterian Church of the Master and in the same plaza as Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

Ladera Ranch FAQ’s

How long does it take to get to your Mission Viejo office from Ladera Ranch?

  • With a small amount of traffic, or very little, you can reach our office in around 10 minutes from Ladera Ranch. With traffic it tends to take people around 20 mintes to reach our office in Mission Viejo.  

How do you recommend we get to the office:

  • If you are coming fro,m the heart of Ladera Ranch, we recommend taking one of two different alternatives. The first is taking O’Neill Dr to Crown Valley Pkwy, then to Marguerite Pkwy to Oso Pkwy. If you would like, you can easily jump on the 5 to reach us, just exit Oso Pkwy.

Can I come to the office in an emergency situation?

  • Of course, you should come to our office. If you do decide to make your way to us, we do ask if you could please give us a call before you come. This way we can figure out the situation and we can then be prepared for you and your pets arrival. 

    What are your services?

    • At our office, we are an animal emergency hospital, as well as an animal neurology center. Our services include oxygen therapy, ultrasound, wound and laceration repair, blood transfusions endoscopy and foreign body removal, cardiology, and seizure management. 

    How can I keep my pet safe in an emergency on the way to your office in Mission Viejo?

    • One of the best things you can do to keep your pet safe is to make sure they are secure in your car while you are driving. If they are laying down, place padding like a pillow or blankets around them, this way they are unable to shift around. You should also always follow the rules of the road while you are behind the wheel. If you are in a rush and are driving too fast, your pet could potentially get more injured. Please go the speed limit and take your to time be safe. 

    BrightCare Animal Emergency Map

    Ladera Ranch Community – Veterinary Topics

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