Stay calm and assess damage

The first thing to consider when an emergency occurs is to be calmed and assess the damage of the patient. Second, remove any more potential damage off your pet. After making sure your dog is safe, check your dog and make sure you keep your pet calm and warm. If there is trauma, do not attempt to correct anything yourself. Remember we are the best dog emergency services in Mission Viejo, and we are here for you, so bring your dog to us immediately.

Transporting an ill dog

Try to avoid moving the dog tool much, the minimum movement the better. If it is a small dog, you can put the dog in its carriage. To move medium size and/or big dogs into the car you will need a sturdy piece of wood or any other strong material to help you carry the weight of the dog and avoid major damage. Ask for help if needed. Put some blankets underneath your dog and make sure that you will keep the dog warm and calm.

Call your dog emergency veterinary in Mission Viejo & keep calming your dog.

If possible, let us know ASAP that you are coming so we will be ready and waiting for you to treat your doggy immediately. Also, talk to your dog constantly in a calm way. An injured/in pain pet is always under a lot of stress. So even the sweetest and friendly doggies can become aggressive. If needed, restraint your dog.

dog emergency Mission Viejo

How to restraint an injured aggressive dog

As your dog is under lots of stress, he/she might be disoriented, in pain and even panicking. Your calm, soothing voice and attentiveness at this point are crucial for your dog’s mental stability. But if you see that he/she is getting out of control and overly aggressive go ahead and muzzle him/her. This will be difficult for your pet and you but remember that you are doing it for their own health and wellbeing.

If you do not have a muzzle, use a leash, a belt, a rope, or any other material that can keep them breathing but unable to bite anyone.

Dog Emergency Hospital in Mission Viejo

Brightcare ER is your dog emergency hospital in Mission Viejo, we have a modern facility with state-of-the-art equipment designed to accurately diagnose injuries and diseases. Our staff caring and compassionate attitude is proof of their experience and expertise and makes us the best dog emergency veterinary in Mission Viejo. Call us right away at (949) 259-6023!


What is an emergency for a dog?

A dog emergency in Mission Viejo is quite self-explanatory. Emergencies can occur anywhere and at anytime. Your dog may have suffered a laceration, or they may have suffered considerable trauma following an incident with another object. Also, if your dog ingested harmful chemicals, you should go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Why should I take my dog to the ER?

If you are experiencing a dog emergency in Rancho Santa Margarita, you should take your dog to receive specialized care as soon as possible. A veterinary emergency room will have staff prepared to do everything in their power to help your pet recover from the potentially life-threatening accident.

How much is an ER visit for a dog?

When our staff tries to resolve a dog emergency in Trabuco Canyon the cost for the care provided is higher than scheduled visits to your veterinarian. The price will be different for every case we receive, and it can quickly increase depending on your specific needs.

Why would a dog need emergency surgery?

Many situations become a dog emergency in Ladera Ranch. Pet owners would bring their dogs to the emergency room if their pet suffers from severe infections in open wounds, if a female requires surgery to deliver puppies, or if there are intestinal obstructions.

How do dog emergency vets work?

When suffering a dog emergency in Irvine your pet will be seen and treated by a veterinarian specialist who either has taken your pet as a referral or is working alongside veterinary internal medicine specialists or surgeons. They will assess your pet for injuries, clean and suture wounds, monitor their vital signs, and more.

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