Animal Emergency Care

Emergency Veterinarian Serving South Orange County

When your pet is having an emergency, trying to find an available veterinarian nearby can be frustrating. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for these situations, especially when your regular vet is not in the office. 

BrightCare Animal Emergency is a 24/7 emergency veterinary hospital in South Orange County. We provide urgent medical services for patients when the local vet cannot. Our facility is open all night, weekends, and holidays because we understand that emergencies can happen at any time.  

Our South Orange County Animal Hospital

At our hospital, we have the most advanced surgical, anesthetic, diagnostic, and monitoring equipment available to ensure your pet receives the treatment needed for the best outcome possible. Furthermore, all our patients are provided with a comprehensive surgical suite and intensive care unit, which include medications and blood products.

As a 24 hour veterinary hospital, we provide attentive overnight care for animals whose conditions must be stabilized before release. Our highly trained medical staff will monitor and attend to all your pet’s needs throughout their stay. Your pet is an important part of your family and deserves to be treated as such.

Located near South Orange County 

No matter where you are, we can provide immediate medical attention. Located in Mission Viejo, BrightCare Animal Emergency is at the center of South Orange County, making it easily accessible to pet owners in the area. Our animal emergency hospital is on the border of Mission Viejo and Ladera Ranch, just a short drive up the 5 or 73 freeway.

While we are an emergency veterinary hospital, we also want to make sure our patients are receiving excellent follow-up care. In order to do so, we partner with many local vets in the South Orange County area to ensure our patients are getting the right medication, physical therapy, and checkups that aid in the healing process. If you would like us to get in touch with your veterinarian for follow-up care, we are more than happy to do so. 

Our Emergency Veterinarians & Vet Technicians

The emergency veterinarians at our hospital are incredibly talented and experienced. Dr. Fazeli and Dr. Wehmeyer are emergency experts and they’re both trained in emergency and general animal medicine. You can depend on our doctors to provide compassionate critical care for all their patients. Our doctors are also skilled at performing surgery and endoscopy. 

And of course, our caring, compassionate staff is always available to help! They are highly trained in emergency veterinary care under the supervision of our skilled vets. At BrightCare, we are committed to treating each and every patient with kindness and personalized care. It’s our mission to provide pets and their owners with the best outcome we can.

BrightCare Animal Emergency Map


When should I take my pet to the emergency vet?

You should take your pet to an animal emergency in South Orange County after you have called your pet’s regular vet. Their vet will determine if they need to seek immediate emergency attention. Remember to remain calm and get your pet to us safely!

What to do if you have a pet emergency?

If you are experiencing an animal emergency in South Orange County, do not panic. Give your vet a call and see if they recommend that you seek emergency attention. If so, give us a call. Proceed to load your pet in the car safely and securely. Remember to abide by all traffic laws on your way over as well.

What is the role of an emergency vet?

The role of an emergency vet in South Orange County is very serious. They have to be ready and prepared to address and handle any animal emergency that is coming their way. Whether it is a car accident to a choking accident, an emergency vet will remain calm and handle the emergency situation with care.

When should you go to an emergency vet?

You should take your pet to see an emergency ver in South Orange County after you have called your pet’s regular vet. If they recommend coming to our emergency care facility, then head out way safely! We do not want any accidents occurring on the way over that could potentially harm you and your pet.

When to bring your dog to an emergency vet?

After you call your pet’s regular vet, and they recommend an emergency vet to see them, then you need to take your pet to the dog emergency in South Orange County immediately. Remember to remain calm for your pet, as they will need you in this stressful situation.

What is considered an emergency for a dog?

Several issues can arise that would be considered an emergency for a dog. If your dog was hit by a car, is choking, had a seizure, has a physical injury, excessive vomiting, etc. then they need to be taken to a dog emergency in South Orange County.

Veterinary Topics in South Orange County

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