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Pet Adoption in Orange County

Pet Adoption in Orange County is easy when you know what to expect

Are you looking to bring a new pet into your home? As animal lovers, we would like to encourage you to consider adoption as an option! When you choose to adopt a pet, you are offering a second (or even a third) chance for an animal to have a happy and safe life in a loving home. In most cases, adoption is less costly than buying an animal from a pet store, or breeder, and services such as spaying and neutering include in the adoption fees.

Where Can I Adopt a Pet in Orange County?

There are a lot of animals out there who need good loving homes, and there are plenty of organizations here in Orange County that can help you adopt the right pet for you! Here is a small list of places you can look into.

OC Animal Services

Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) is an animal-welfare organization focused on getting all animals a place they can call home. Because of this, they accept any animal despite having problems with health or temper. The OCAS offers in-person adoptions and an online catalog for any potential pet owner to look for a pet that best fits them.

OC Humane Society

OC Humane Society is an excellent organization in Orange County. At their primary location in Huntington Beach, they house cats and dogs that are available for adoption. All adoption packages include spaying/neutering, a pre-adoption exam, vaccinations, a microchip with registration, and a free exam at AAA Animal Hospital. They also offer adoption specials that allow people to adopt older animals at a lower cost, as well as plenty of volunteer opportunities.

WAGS Pet Adoption

WAGS Pet Adoption Agency primarily serves Westminster and Stanton and offers adoption and rescue services. According to their website, in addition to cats and dogs, they also house and adopt out birds, turtles, snakes, tortoises, and pot-belly pigs. They commit themselves to rescue any animal in their area who needs it, regardless of whether or not the shelter staff believes the animal is “adoptable.”

The Pet Adoption Center of Orange County

The Pet Adoption Center of Orange County, located in Lake Forest, houses their adoptable animals in their home-like, contemporary facility or in foster homes. Because of this model, they are proud to say that the staff and foster parents socialize their animals and therefore are perfect candidates for adoption and transition easily into new homes. In addition to typical volunteer opportunities, The Pet Adoption Center of Orange County also offers opportunities to volunteer as a foster parent for the animals in their care.

Irvine Animal Care Center

The Irvine Animal Care Center houses cats, dogs, rabbits, and rodents available for adoption in the city of Irvine. Each adoption includes spaying/neutering, a general veterinary examination, vaccinations and health screenings, flea treatment, de-worming, a microchip with lifetime registration, a sample bag of Science Diet (dog or cat) or a bag of hay (rabbit), and a free vet check. They also host a foster care program for underaged animals, which you can apply for on their website. Irvine Animal Care Center

Pet Adoption Tips

As a potential pet owner, you must first consider the impact a pet will have on your household. You should ask yourself, how will a pet affect the people living with me, how will it affect myself, and if you can take care of another living being at all? Additionally, If you have other pets, you must consider if coexistence is possible.

Once you know that you can take care of your new pet and that everyone involved agrees to the idea, you’ll have to decide on what type of pet fits your or your family’s lifestyle. For those living in small apartments, it’s best to look for a small breed of animal. If you are the hiking type, a big outdoors dog may be a better option. If you like going out,  try to get a pet that is okay with you not being around all the time.

Regardless of your situation, new pet owners must consider the pet’s needs and their capability to satisfy them before deciding on a new furry friend. Even if your situation is out of the ordinary, when can assure you there will be a pet whose lifestyle aligns with yours.

Once you decide on a pet, don’t forget to buy everything they need before you pick them up. This includes setting a space for them at home, buying them food and bowls, getting treats, choosing toys, and even picking up a special comb for them.

Maintain Your New Pet’s Health

Several other wonderful organizations in Orange County provide valuable services to animals in need. We hope this list gives you a place to start your search for your adopted pet! If your new pet has any neurological conditions, make an appointment with our doctors at BrightCare Animal Neurology for a consultation and potential treatment.

COVID-19 Alert

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