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Canine Neurologist Recommends: Dog Headgear

BCN Canine Neurologist Mission Viejo, CA

A canine neurologist knows what is best for dogs that are disabled, suffer diseased, or if they are going on trips with their owners where their heads need to be protected. There are many reasons why dogs may need specific headgear, and we want to share some of this information with you. We want to see our fellow pet owners taking the best possible care of their pets that they can. Not every dog needs to protect their head. However, protecting your furry friend’s head is just as important as protecting our own heads. 

Luckily, we are at a time when there are so many new inventions and contraptions being made that help make our pets’ lives more comfortable and more manageable. We never want to see a case where a dog could have avoided a life-threatening issue if it only had worn a helmet or protective headgear. As a canine neurologist, we want to make sure our patient’s parents are well up to date with the dog headgear currently on the market so we can keep our four-legged best friends safe. 

Dog Helmets

There are a couple of reasons why your pet may need to wear a dog helmet. The first reason is that they are riding on a bike or motorcycle with you. You understand that protective gear keeps you saying from flying debris and kicked up rocks and pebbles. If they can hurt a human, they can easily hurt a dog. A helmet can also protect your dog from harsh weather like wind and rain and can protect against harsh UV rays.

Helmets are great for dogs who have any disability. Helmets can help protect their heads from any minor head trauma that can occur. If your pet is visually impaired or has a disability where they may bump into things, a helmet will be beneficial. Blind dogs can become frustrated when they bump into things and can sometimes bump a little too hard. Helmets can help your pet regain confidence figuring out the layout of their surroundings while protecting their head. 

Bumper Hat

If you have never heard of a bumper hat, then this is going to change you, and your dog’s live! A bumper hat is a protective padded headgear for pets who have special needs or a disability. This specific headgear is designed for pets who are prone to seizures, are blind, have hydrocephalus, have neurological disorders, and any other condition that can affect the head. If you have never seen what this looks like, we will add a link to the site you can buy it from. It is an excellent piece of headgear! 

This padded headgear helps to protect all sides of the head. If the padding is too much for your pet, it does have a removable rolled protective casing. A piece of protective gear is fantastic for all dogs who are prone to seizures and even elderly dogs who have sensitive heads. Our canine neurologist in Mission Viejo recommends checking this product out!

Blind Dog Bumper

A blind dog bumper is not precisely a protective piece of headgear, but it does protect your dog from potential head injuries, which is why we want to mention it! The blind dog bumper is called “The Original Halo Vest,” and it is a vest that has a bumper guard attached to it. It helps your pet navigate around while not frightening, discouraging, or injuring themselves. If your pet has recently become blind, it can be a struggle for your pet to figure out its way around its home right away. This bumper helps to improve the quality of life for your pet! 

The vest is very easy to put on your pet, and you can use your dog’s regular leash to walk them. Your pet will still have its natural range of motion in the vest, and the plastic-coated galvanized metal wire keeps your dog’s face and head safe from objects. If you would like to check out this product, click here

No Flap Ear Wrap

The last piece of headgear we want to talk about is the No Flap Ear Wrap. This headgear is designed to protect your pet’s ears. As many people know, pets love putting their heads out of car windows to enjoy the fresh air. What some may not realize is that pet ears are exceptionally delicate, and it can take weeks for an ear injury to heal, if the ear was injured due to persistent flapping. Ear injuries can lead to tenderness, irritation, and swelling. Repeated damage to the ear can result in problems that last throughout your pet’s lifetime. If you would like to check out the No Flap Ear Wrap, click here

We are BrightCare Veterinary Group, and we hope that you found this canine neurologist blog helpful. Caring for your pet and making sure that they get the proper protection that they need is going to help save their lives. If you have any questions or you are unsure if your pet needs canine protective headgear, please do not hesitate to give us a call. If you would like to bring in your pet for an appointment, you can make one on our website

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