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What to Do if Your Pet Goes Missing in Mission Viejo

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Did you know that July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month? July 5th is the busiest day of the year for our animal shelters here in Mission Viejo, primarily because of the 4th of July holiday the day before. While fireworks, sparklers, and other loud and unfamiliar noises are a lot of fun for humans, they can be very scary and anxiety-inducing for dogs, leading them to try to escape and run away at much higher rates than usual.

Ideally, your pet will be kept safe, calm, and indoors during all of the 4th of July celebrations. However, if your animal goes missing in July or any other time of the year, you should be aware of the steps you should take to try to find them. Mission Viejo has a system in place for these stressful situations. 

Check Your Local Kennels

If your pet goes missing, your first step should be to check your immediate surroundings and neighborhood. If you can’t find them, start checking the kennels at your local shelters. There are several shelters located throughout Mission Viejo and the surrounding areas. We recommend that you start looking at your closest shelter, and work your way out if necessary. When a dog is found, our shelters will generally hold them for 5-10 business days before moving them from the kennel to the shelter area where they are eligible for adoption. 

If you do not immediately find your pet, you’ll want to file a lost pet form with the shelter’s administrative office. It is also helpful to provide a photo of your pet that the shelter’s staff can put in their reference book.

Check Our Online Database

After you’ve checked your local kennels, you should check Mission Viejo’s lost pet search engine. This can be a helpful tool to help expedite your search. However, it is important to remember that Mission Viejo shelters and shelter workers see a lot of new animals every day, and it is your responsibility to physically look to identify your pet at the shelters. If you do not see your pet online, don’t be discouraged.

In addition to checking shelters and databases, you should also call your local animal hospitals in case your pet was injured and brought in your treatment. If your pet requires emergency care, they may be brought to our own facility, BrightCare Emergency Animal Hospital.

Put Up Signs

If you haven’t seen your pet at your local shelters or online search base, you may need to put up signs in your neighborhood in case someone took your pet into their personal care or saw something they have yet to report. Remember to include a photo of your pet, the name they answer to, and your contact information.

We hope this information helps you and your pet stay safe here in Mission Viejo. Remember to take the necessary precautions to make sure that your pet feels safe and calm during the anxiety-inducing 4th of July celebration this year. If you need emergency veterinary care in Mission Viejo area, call our emergency animal hospital. We are here to help!


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