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Ranking the Most Dog-Friendly Villages in Ladera Ranch

Ranking as the Most Dog Friendly Villages in Ladera Ranch

It’s not always easy living with pets. Dogs can be especially hard to care for when they’re always shedding and barking and asking for attention! With that being said, our furry friends are always worth the trouble because they’re a part of our family. To make things a little easier though, we’ve ranked the villages in Ladera Ranch by how dog-friendly they are! If you have ever considered living or if you are living in Ladera Ranch with your pet, check out how all the villages stack up against each other. 

7. Flintridge and Terramor Village

In last place, we have Flintridge and Terramor Village. Though these are beautiful places to live, they have few accommodations for pet owners. If you want to take your pets outside in these areas, your only options are the streets or your backyard. 

6. Echo Ridge Village

Although Echo Ridge Village has only 1 park, Sienna Botanica, it’s in the heart of Ladera Ranch, so members of the community can easily get anywhere they need to in the city. 

5. Wycliffe District and Oak Knoll Village

These districts tie for fifth because they both have two parks and they’re both close to Bridgepark District. Dog owners can walk their dogs at Bluff Top Park or Dawnwood Park when they’re in Oak Knoll Village. In Wycliffe District, Linear Park and Eton Park are both great little areas to take a stroll. 

4. Avendale 

Although Avendale doesn’t have the most dog-friendly businesses and amenities, you can easily get to both Township District and Covenant Hills from it. Plus, Avendale has one of the biggest parks in all of Ladera Ranch, Founder’s Park! If you can’t be bothered to trek all the way over to it, there are two other parks, Weatherwood and Poet Corner, on the north and south side of Avendale. 

3. Covenant Hills

In third place, Covenant Hills takes the crown… or should we say collar? Because Covenant Hills is so big, there are tons of parks for owners and their pets to walk around and enjoy. To name just a few, there’s Arroyo, Exploration, Brittlestar, Mission Hills, and Oso Grande Park! 

2. Township District

Despite its size, Township District proves to be a top contender as the best place for dog owners to be in all of Ladera Ranch. Businesses in the Mercantile West Shopping Center like Lola’s Cafe, Project Pie, and Jerry’s Wood Fired Tacos are dog-friendly, making it a great place to walk and lounge with your pets. Hala’s Paws, a dog grooming spa, is also the only dog beauty parlor in all of Ladera Ranch! You can also drop your dogs off at We Serve Pets, a dog daycare center on First Street. There are two parks, Town Green and Chaparral Park, where you can walk your dogs as well. 

1. Bridgepark District

We’ve finally made it to the most dog-friendly place to live in Ladera Ranch! Though Bridgepark district has only two villages, it still manages to make itself the top contender. One of the most unique and important things about Bridgepark District is Wagsdale Park! This is a private dog park that only members of the community can access. It’s an incredibly well-maintained and safe place for dogs to play off-leash. There’s also Cox Sports Cox, where owners can walk their dogs around. Bridge park Plaza also boasts a few dog-friendly restaurants like Taco Mesa and Selma’s Chicago Pizzeria & Tap Room. Most importantly, Bridge park District is the closest to BrightCare Emergency Room, the nearest veterinary emergency center in Orange County. What’s not to love?

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