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Best Indoor Pets for a Small Apartment and a Small Budget?

Fish Are Good Indoor Pets

With cities getting bigger every year and housing becoming more and more expensive, it’s more common than ever to live in an apartment or small house. Because of that people tend to look for smaller breeds of pets such as cats and dogs. This way, they can live without fear of giving the animal a sense of being trapped in a confined space. There are a variety of different animals that one can adopt or buy quite easily. Each of them has its own set of needs and characteristics.

Whenever you start thinking about which pet to adopt, you have to have in mind different aspects such as life expectancy, size, tools required for basic maintenance, monthly cost, etc. Once you have a clear idea of how much of your time and income you can divert to your future pet, you can pick your new partner. Regardless of what type of animal you choose, it’s more than clear that coexisting with your pet will bring you a sense of added joy on a day-to-day basis.

Best Pets for Small Places

The type of pet most suitable for you will depend greatly on your apartment’s or house’s size. Depending on your available space you can determine if a big or small breed of dog is best for you, or if a cat could have enough space to run and climb as they like. Here we present to you the basic needs of a few types of animals that owners with small homes could adopt.


If you are looking for a pet that doesn’t take too much space or time out of your daily activities, then a fish just might be the perfect choice for you. Taking care of your fish can be incredibly simple if you choose the correct one for you. Some types of fish require you to keep an eye on water pH levels, internal temperature, and more, so be sure to do some research when picking the best one for your lifestyle.

Are Fish Good Indoor Pets for a Busy Lifestyle?

Yes, fish can be a great pet for a busy lifestyle, given that you are ok with some regular maintenance. Betta and goldfish are two types of fish that are quite easy to take care of. However, even your classic goldfish requires a water clarifier and conditioner. These few tasks, plus feeding them, can feel like quite a few things to do, but remember that you don’t have to take your fish on a walk to the park every day so that they can play and poop. In the end, some maintenance a few times a week and giving them food every day is less time-consuming than daily walks.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are great small energetic social buddies that everyone can take care of relatively easily. The only things you need to take care of for your guinea pigs are a cage big enough for them to run around, paper bedding that needs changing every few days, a water bottle that attaches to the side of a cage, food, and that’s it.

As stated, guinea pigs are social buddies, so you should adopt at least a pair of guinea pigs together. According to the sprucePets, you should pair them in same-sex pairs, and your safest option is two females as the males can occasionally fight. On the same note, you should try to get the biggest cage possible for your guinea pigs; they like to run around and explore, so if their cage is too small, they won’t be able to do their daily exercise.


According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), 38.4% of households own at least 1 dog, making them the most popular pet in the states. This statistic is not surprising as most of us relate dogs to the idea of loyal, friendly, playful, and much more.

Although their natural inclination to play and run around makes it more difficult to take care of in small places, small dog breeds can be perfect for someone living in a small apartment who wishes to have a furry companion. Pomeranian and pug are two breeds of dogs that are great for small places, given their small size. Pugs also have the added characteristic of not needing trimming for their fur.

Regardless of their size or breed, dogs do need to take a walk outside every day, so if you don’t have a garden in your house, then you will have to add a daily walk in the park to your regular lifestyle.

If your pet presents an emergency or you just have some questions regarding their well-being, contact us here. We will be glad to help you with anything we can.