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Month: July 2019

Cat Movies and Where to Watch Them in Irvine, CA

Cat Movies and Where to Watch Them in Irvine, CA

Calling all cat fanatics! We love our feline patients at Bright Care and to honor them, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite cat movies over the years. Grab a bucket of popcorn (or some catnip) and join us for a summer movie marathon! 1. Pet Sematary (2019)  If you like scary movies, the 2019 […]

Is Catnip Safe for Your Cat?

Is Catnip Safe for Your Cat?

We all know that cats love catnip. Whether you’ve seen cat videos on the internet or have watched your own kitties go crazy for catnip (or both – we won’t judge you!), you probably know what we’re talking about. However, do you know how catnip works, or if it is healthy for your cats? As […]

COVID-19 Alert

BrightCare Veterinary Group takes the safety of our staff and clients very seriously. We continue to monitor the changes related to COVID-19.

BrightCare has enacted specific protocols as recommended by the CDC in order to stay open as an essential business for our community.

• Only essential staff are allowed in the building as our lobby is closed to clients.
• Our facility has enacted curbside check in and check out. Please call 949-716-9270 upon arrival. Inform the staff of the make, model, and color of your vehicle.
• Wait in your vehicle as a staff member will be out to come get your pet. Continue to stay in your vehicle until you are instructed further.
• All persons entering our facility are required to wear a face covering.
• Maintain social distancing guidelines of 6 feet when able.
• If you are sick, we request that another individual bring your pet for you. Our staff members can communicate with you via phone and email.

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.