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Ladera Ranch Dog Owner’s Guide to Survive Summer!

Ladera Ranch Dog Owner's

If you and your family are staying in or heading out for a family summer vacation, don’t forget that summer may be the hardest season for our pets!

First thing first, high temperatures!! With temperatures increasing in Ladera Ranch, it is important to know, how hot is too hot? July 4th to October 1st is the hottest time in Ladera Ranch. A 2.9-month gap with temperatures raising on average to 81 degrees. Temperatures can rise to boil for our furry loved ones.

It is important to know the signs of overheating!

  • Think drool
  • Dry or bright red gums
  • Heavy panting
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Wobbly legs

How to Prevent Overheating at Home!

  • Dogs must always have fresh, clean water. A tip is to drop some ice cubes into their bowl!
  • We know that kids are always asking for ice cream during summer, can dogs have ice cream too? Yes!! Recommended ice cream for dogs is Frosty Paws; Frozen treats for dogs!
  • Providing a Self-Cooling Pet Pad may be helpful if your dog is older or overweight. Dogs that have heart or lung problems may find it more difficult to enjoy the heat.
  • Want to have fun with your kids and pets? A simple portable pool in the backyard is a fun way to have some outdoor fun that won’t overheat your pets. It is also a fun way for your pet to lounge on a hot summer day, while you enjoy some lemonade. If you do have an in-ground pool, don’t forget always to supervise your pets!

How to Prevent Overheating When Out!

Most cases of dog overheating take place when we are out and about. Here are some tips to prevent overheating on the go.

The most important one is, never leave your pets alone in the car!! Parked cars can turn into ovens very quick! If you are going on walks with your pets, try to do it early morning and late afternoon! Go on walks or partake in any outside activity when temperatures aren’t at their highest.

Dog Friendly Parks in Ladera Ranch:

1. Wagesdale Dog Park, Ladera Ranch

With tons of big trees, it provides plenty of seating for owners and shade for dogs to rest up and stay cool. There is running water to avoid dehydration.

2. La Paws Dog Park, Mission Viejo

Not only does have a beautiful view for the owner to enjoy, and plenty of shade for pets to stay cool. Also, a huge dog area to make new friends!

Going on Vacation and need a Dog Sitter in Ladera Ranch?

In addition, for those who are leaving the area for vacation, we did a little bit of homework for you. We research the top rated dog and cat sitters in the area. BrightCare has not done business with the following businesses listed and does not endorse them.

This is strictly based on what we found through our research and saw through public reviews of the business.

1. While You R Away Pet Sitting, Ladera Ranch

Being the most respected professional pet sitting service, you can trust While You R Away Pet Sitting with personal travel care for your pet!

2. We Stay You Play Pet Sitting, Surrounding Areas of Ladera Ranch

Vacations may be stressful on pets; We Stay You Play Pet Sitting provides Pet Sitting while you are on vacation! Keeping Pets happy, healthy, and cool all summer!

If you are staying in with the air conditioner blasting cool air all day or leaving for a family vacation, don’t forget to arrange plans for your loved furry ones. Take care and stay cool!

If you think your pet is having any health troubles with increasing temperatures, visit us at Brightcare Animal Emergency!

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