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Hot Paws – The Best and Trendiest Shoes for Your Dog This Summer

Dog Paws

When thinking of shoes, we tend to imagine a perfect outfit or its functionality, like comfortability or maybe hiking in the mountains. However, several aspects influence us to pick the ideal pair of shoes.

Regardless, the main reason, an unperceivable one, is protection from environmental conditions. Shoes protect us from dirt, slippery, abrasive surfaces, but mostly from harmful sharp objects and cold and warm floors.

But, believe it or not, pets might also suffer from weather conditions. For instance, even though paws are tougher than human feet, dogs can also suffer from incrusted sharp edges and get burns while walking on the hot pavement during summer.

So, if you have taken your furry friend for a walk on the sizzling pavement and notice she is licking its paws, they might be tender and burnt. Also, we know you love to indulge and pamper your dog, so caring about her paws signifies your love for her.   

Therefore, thinking your dog is anxiously waiting for walks this summer, we bring you some trendy shoe options to protect your slimy buddy from hurting its paws. We also include information about how salt affects your dogs’ paws, especially in northern states.

Dog Shoes for Summer

The best way to protect your dog from a heat stroke and from hurting its paws in the summer is to keep her hydrated; choose early hours or in the evening for walks, and prefer walking on a shady walkway or on the grass.

Dusty, muddy, or grassy surfaces are the best options for walking your dog in summer. On the other hand, hot asphalt and sidewalks might produce blisters and redness on a dog’s paws.

However, you might say it’s summertime, and I want to take my dog to the beach. Remember, the sand might also be scorching. So with this in mind, you might want to buy some fashionable and summer specially designed shoes for your pet. 

Our first two options are perfect for a warm summer. Then, we will revise some useful and multipurpose options that will make your pet look even more adorable while they are also protected. 

So, here we have compiled a list of trendy-functional shoes for your dog’s walks:

Bark Brite All-Weather Neoprene Paw Protectors

One of the most important factors to consider on a set of doggy shoes is breathability. Dogs sweat through their paws, so it’s essential to consider a meshy material, especially for summer. 

Bark Brite All-Weather Neoprene Paw Protectors come with lightweight, breathable neoprene material and are water-resistant to play with your dog at the beach. Yet, they have a sock-like design that makes them easy to fit.

Also, these booties have a rubber sole that prevents your dog from skidding. So although Bark Brite is not a heavy-duty kind of shoe, they are a perfect option for walking on scorching surfaces. 

Xanday Breathable Dog Booties

What about a mix between adorable and functional? Xanday Breathable Dog Booties look like human water shoes. They come with a couple of Velcro straps, reflecting stripes, and various colors to make them even cuter.

These booties are also fully functional. You can dress your dogy paws with this soft mesh material to keep paws fresh. Also, these breathable booties come with a rubber sole that prevents punctures and will protect your dog when stepping on a hot road.  

Expawlorers Waterproof

Expawlorers Waterproof Dog Shoes are the best-rated dogs’ shoes. These shoes reunite all the advantageous characteristics a consumer looks for in a product. They are affordable, multisize, sturdy, and, best of all, they are multipurpose, so your dog can wear them all year long.

As with some of the dog’s shoes we have reviewed, Expawlorers are waterproof so that you can take your dog for a rainy jog and their reflective Velcro straps make them perfect for a night walk.

As if this wasn’t enough, Expawlorers are expandable, making them easy to put and take off. The manufacturer has done a great job considering dogs’ comfort and designed an ergonomic product for your best friend.

Mutluck Trackers All Season

Its name says it all. Your dog can wear Mutluck Trackers All Season in all-season conditions. Another great advantage of these shoes is their self-tightening design with a loop-and-hook strap system that adapts to the ankle size.

Mutluck Trackers’ designs resemble paw protectors, as they resemble a mitten shape that makes them flexible without sacrificing paw protection. They come with a combination of nylon in the upper part and suede in the outsole protecting the lateral and front part of a paw from sharp objects. 

Among the many benefits of Mutluck Trackers, they come in a wide range of sizes, making them an excellent option for small and big dogs. The best part of these shoes is that they can be machine washed.

Mutluck Trackers come with a patterned sole for a better grip on walks in the forest or rainy conditions. Not less important, you can find Mutluck Trackers in black and yellow colors.

Why Would a Dog Need Shoes?

A dog’s paws are tremendously strong; in fact, your dog’s paws are tougher and their structure complex when compared with human feet. Paw pads have fat tissue, thick skin, and a fabulous adaptive cushioning system.

Dogs can walk without a problem on almost any surface. It is like they have a sophisticated technology set of shoes with gel on the soles. However, that does not mean paws are indestructible and might not get hurt.    

So, even though paw pads are strong, they can get blistered when exposed to extreme conditions, like hot pavement. Also, there might be pointy or sharp elements that can hurt your dog’s paws. 

So, walking on the pavement, the sand, or if you want to go trekking with your dog, consider their paws are strong but still vulnerable to harsh conditions. Get a set of shoes and show your pup how much you care about her.

You might also want to know what other dangerous elements are on the surface.  Yes, we have continuously talked about summer, hot surfaces, shoes for the summer, and the like, but have you heard about salt hurting a dog’s paws?

Does Salt Hurt Dog Paws?

Yes, salt hurts your furry friends’ paws. But actually, when we talk about salt, we are talking about the type of chemical-added saline composites used in winter, especially in northern states, to clear the roads.

We all love to see our dogs playing like crazy in the snow, but extreme conditions include ice and snow in the winter and one of the worst paw hurters, which is chemically produced salt. 

Aside from the potential ingestion of salt-based ice melts containing different chloride formulations and sometimes antifreeze, they are rough crystals that can cut into a dog’s paw. Though it is sad our pet limp due to a bleeding pad.

In addition, salt has the property of drying things.  Dogs’ paws are naturally moist, so permanent exposure to salt causes dryness that results in cracks. Severe dryness leading to cracks can also produce lacerations on a paw.

Consequently, veterinaries recommend reducing exposure to salty roads or using a protective shoe to cover your dog’s paws. Also, vets recommend checking between your dogs’ toes and removing traces of ice and snow, as this area is not as protected as the paw pads.

Which States Use the Most Salt on Their Roads?

Salt is by far the most commonly used deicing chemical in the United States. The rate of salt spreading is approximately 10 million tons per year. So, if you want to walk your best friend in the winter, you might need to know how your state handles the salt issue. Here we include a list of the use of salt inroads according to the volume used per year by state:

  • Massachusetts: 19,4
  • Vermont: 17,1
  • New York: 16,6
  • New Hampshire: 16,4
  • Michigan: 12,9
  • Wisconsin: 9,2
  • Ohio: 9,1
  • Delaware: 9
  • Indiana: 9
  • Maine: 8
  • Maryland: 7,1
  • New Jersey: 6,7
  • Illinois: 6,6
  • West Virginia: 6,3
  • Minnesota: 5
  • Iowa: 3,8
  • Virginia: 3
  • California: 3
  • Nevada: 1,9
  • Nebraska: 1,5
  • Oklahoma: 1,5
  • Alaska: 1,2
  • Missouri: 1
  • South Dakota: 1
  • New Mexico: 0,5
  • Idaho: 0,3

What to Do if My Dog’s Paws Are Burned With Hot Pavement or Hurt With Salt?

After walking your dog, the best thing to do is to check the paws and identify redness on the pad carefully. However, if you notice a blister is forming, disinfect the wound using anti-bacterial soap or betadine. 

If the blister or wound bleeds, use a clean towel and apply gentle pressure. If the blister is minor, the redness and tears might stop. However, depending on the profoundness and inflammation, your dog might require stabilization.

Paw blisters are painful and uncomfortable, and might lead to infections, so you must avoid letting your dog walk. 

After trying to stabilize your dog, take your furry friend to Brightcare Animal Emergency or call Animal Emergency and Critical Care at 949-716-9270; we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.