In our effort to offer the very best to our patients, we now bring this advanced technology for veterinary neurosurgical applications. With Stereotactic Neuronavigation we can accurately perform many minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures:

  • MRI-guided minimally invasive brain and spine biopsies
  • Minimally invasive Cyst aspirations
  • Minimally invasive cranial surgery (keyhole surgery)

Here are some other exciting and cutting-edge applications of this system:

  • Similar neurosurgical technology as seen in human frameless neuronavigation systems.
  • The only 3D neurosurgical system that focuses specifically on helping animals.
  • Navigated tumor removal or biopsy.
  • Track surgical tools in real-time, including implants around the spinal column.
  • Carry out complicated procedures with ease (i.e. hypophysectomy targeting).
  • Accurate targeting of chemoagents (injections, CEDs, etc).
  • New implantable DBS devices for intractable epilepsy.