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Good Dog Nutrition Will Keep Them Away From the Pet Emergency Hospital

Dog Nutrition

It’s not often that we receive cases of malnourished dogs coming to our emergency veterinary clinic. Pet parents are usually very attentive about good pet nutrition and avoid neglecting their friends’ dietary requirements. Loving pet parents try very hard to avoid the need for pet emergency hospital services by giving their dogs the food they need.

This, however, was not always the case. Our understanding of dog nutrition and the right principles of a dog diet that keeps your pet well-fed has evolved through the years.

We weren’t always so knowledgeable.

Even now, as we continue to increase our knowledge of canine nutritional requirements, there are many irregularities in the dog food industry due to a lack of oversight.

Preservatives and food components are still a gray legal area and many producers choose to keep production costs at a minimum, sacrificing your pet’s nutritional gain.

We want to focus this discussion on what your pet needs and how you can make sure they get it instead of what we have to accomplish at an institutional level. What do you feed a dog? How to choose healthy dog food? Let’s review some useful information that will help keep your pet well-fed and out of the animal emergency clinic.

What Is Good Dog Nutrition?

As a species, dogs are mammals that eat meat. However, this is not their only source of nutrients. Just like humans, dogs are omnivores, meaning they can eat plant material and animal meats.

We are used to imagining dogs as purely carnivore beings; unfortunately, such skewed viewpoints can lead to severe repercussions. A “meat-only” diet for dogs can lead to serious metabolic imbalances that put their life at risk, putting them at risk of dying and in need of pet emergency hospital services to correct the problem.

The tooth structure and intestinal traits of modern-day dogs reveal their capacity and need for an omnivore diet. This study reviews the traits of ancient wolves and states dogs now also have a need for nutrients coming from plant and animal origin.

If you want a healthy dog, you should pay attention to what they eat and ensure they receive enough of the following:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

Are Carbohydrates Necessary for Good Dog Nutrition?

Even though this is not the main source of nutritional gain for dogs, they certainly benefit from this energy source. Carbohydrates provide your dog’s organs with the necessary stream of glucose they need to function.

Your dog’s system even produces enzymes that are specific for the digestion of starches and sugars.

All this said, please keep in mind that your pet will gain the most energy out of proteins and fats. Likewise, if you cook complex carbohydrates, they will be easier to digest, and you should keep away some high-in-fiber carbohydrates from growing puppies and older dogs.

Sufficient Protein Will Make Your Dog Happy and Healthy

As we’ve mentioned so far, protein sources are important for your dog.

These are basically the building blocks for cells, your dog’s various tissues, enzymes, and antibodies. This is critical for growing puppies, as the proteins in their diet help them repair any injuries, continue their healthy development, and protect against infections. The amino acids their bodies require to make proteins and everything else in their bodies come from a combination of their metabolic processes and diet.

Out of the required 23 amino acids, their bodies only produce 13. The 10 missing amino acids have to come from your dog’s diet. Such nutritional components can come from animal-based meats and vegetables:

  • Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Cereals

Should Good Dog Nutrition Include Raw Foods Only?

Clearly, as dogs have never invented fire on their own, they couldn’t have possibly adapted to cooked foods, right?

Throughout the millennia that dogs have joined humans at the table and by the cozy fires, their organisms have adapted to our ever-changing diets. Thus a brief explanation of why modern-day dogs are omnivores.

Your dog might even benefit from some cooked foods, like the aforementioned case of complex carbohydrates. Maintaining a raw-only diet for your dog may prove risky for their health and the health of all other family members. Raw animal-based proteins can hold bacteria that could infect your dog or spread diseases to other humans in the household.

And please, don’t give your dog raw eggs. They contain an antivitamin called avidin that can interfere with the metabolism of essential fats, amino acids, and glucose.

Find an Animal Emergency Clinic When You Need It

If your dog shows signs of malnourishment or they suffer from malnourishment, you should find emergency veterinary care as soon as possible. Locate the nearest emergency center and take your pet there.

You can trust our team to manage the best pet emergency hospital Mission Viejo residents require during an emergency. Follow this link to navigate to our clinic when your pet needs specialized help.

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