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Summer Fun in Trabuco Canyon, CA

Pets need mental stimulation and exercise just like humans. We understand if you can’t bring your pets along for strenuous road trips and flights, but there are still tons of great things to do right here in Orange County. Trabuco Canyon has tons of fun activities that people and their pets can enjoy. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the following places: 

Holy Jim Falls Trail 

This trail is actually just one of the many available in Trabuco Canyon. The city doesn’t get its name from nowhere! It’s surrounded by gorgeous hills and parks that anyone is free to enjoy. If you have some time, soak up some sunshine with your pooch at O’Neill Regional Park or Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. Both places offer beautiful views of nature and fresh air. Your dog will be sure to appreciate a change of landscape! Just make sure to bring plenty of water and a compass or map. It’s easy to lose reception in the mountains and you certainly don’t want to get lost! 

Hempstring Orchestra at Cook’s Corner

Located on the juncture of Santiago Canyon Boulevard and Live Oak Canyon Roads in Trabuco Canyon is Cook’s Corner, a cool biker bar on the edges of the OC. The venue regularly hosts fun events like open mic and taco Tuesday. You can also catch awesome live music by local artists like the Hempstring Orchestra or Road Kill Kings on the weekends. The events are free and even if you don’t like the music, you’re sure to love the food and drinks! You can bring your kids, but we recommend listening to music from outside if you bring your dog! 

Screamin Ice Cream

Forget ice cream trucks, Trabuco Canyon has an ice cream bus! The family owned business operates out of a bus and delivers delicious, frosty treats for people all over Trabuco Canyon! You’ll barely have to step outside to take advantage of Screamin’ Ice Cream. If you’re taking your dog out for some exercise, you can also conveniently go for a walk that coincides with the Ice Cream Bus’s schedule. They post their routes online, so you can coordinate exactly where to be and when to be there in order to enjoy a delectable scoop of ice cream. 

Snakes of Orange County

Definitely don’t bring your dogs or cats to a Snakes of Orange County event. As veterinarians, however, we love and respect all types of animals, so we thought we’d share this cool event, too! On Saturday, Sept. 1st at the Nature Center in O’Neill Regional Park, local herpetologist, Steve Bledsoe will bring a few of his favorite reptiles in a display to teach the community about snake safety in Trabuco Canyon. This may be a great summer event if you love snakes… or hate them! 

Bornagain Pet Salon

This summer activity may not be super fun for you, but your pets will love it! The pet groomers at Bornagain Pet Salon know what they’re doing. Whether your dog or cat needs a haircut, claw trimming, or just a bath, the workers here will be able to help. With the temperature rising to all time highs in the middle of summer, your pet will definitely appreciate a trim. Anyway, humans aren’t the only ones who aspire for hot summer bodies! 

BrightCare Animal Emergency

Last but not least, if you need an emergency veterinarian around Trabuco Canyon, look no further. BrightCare Animal Emergency provides a comprehensive array of services for cats and dogs in the South Orange County. Our Trabuco Canyon emergency vet is always available if you need help! 

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