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Bringing Your Cat To The Vet

Pet Emergency

Every cat owner knows how difficult it can be to get your cat to the vet! We may love their personality at home, but cats are often stubborn and uncomfortable in situations where they do not feel that they are in control. Transporting a cat is something that requires a lot of planning, so we […]

Can a Veterinarian Learn to Treat a Small Animal?

Small Animal Neurology

Whether you are the parent of a current patient or the parent of a furry best friend that needs neurological care, you can trust that BrightCare Animal Neurology and Imaging is a veterinary neurological center dedicated to the veterinary profession and will work continually to learn, educate, and provide best practices for the good of […]

How to induce vomiting during a pet emergency

Emergency veterinarian

It is common for an emergency veterinarian to help patients expel a foreign body or harmful substance from their system. Owners of cats and dogs might find themselves locking away household cleaning material or picking up anything they left behind to keep their pets from eating harmful foods. Some pet owners think that the best […]

Rabies and a pet’s nervous system

Veterinary Neurosurgeon

Rabies is a fatal viral infection of the neurological system that can still challenge a veterinary neurosurgeon. It affects warm-blooded mammals, meaning it can infect many household pets, though getting infected is rare. Rabies is not a new disease as the first confirmed case of animal rabies was in 1898, but there is still much […]

Summer Fun in Trabuco Canyon, CA

Pets need mental stimulation and exercise just like humans. We understand if you can’t bring your pets along for strenuous road trips and flights, but there are still tons of great things to do right here in Orange County. Trabuco Canyon has tons of fun activities that people and their pets can enjoy. If you’re […]

Dog-Friendly Summer in Ladera Ranch

Happy summer! With the long days and the warm weather, summertime is a great season to spend some quality time with your furry friends and try new things in the community. There are plenty of community activities happening in Ladera Ranch this summer such as concerts in the park, food fairs, classes, and plenty of […]

Dog Friendly Beaches in Orange County

Orange County is one of the best places to live for dog owners because it has many dog-friendly restaurants and destinations. It is also known for its abundance of dog-friendly beaches that stretch all the way from San Clemente to Huntington Beach. San Clemente Although San Clemente is a little out of the way from […]

Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is a time for the entire family to celebrate, and that includes our dogs! We all want our dogs to be able to enjoy the foods that we enjoy. However, as tempted as we are to feed them the same foods we consume, it is important to remember the foods our furry friends can’t […]

Pet-Friendly Halloween in OC

Happy Halloween! Holidays are extra fun when you have pets to celebrate with. There are a lot of opportunities to have some spooky fun with your pet in Orange County this year. Read on to learn more about these awesome pet-friendly events! Before we get into the fun stuff, there are a few safety concerns […]

Dog Breeds & Their Common Medical Issues

Our dogs are our best friends. Whether you picked them out from a breeder or adopted from a shelter, your dogs are the most perfect creatures to walk into your heart. They are always with you when you want to go on long walks at the beach and cuddle up by the fireplace. Unfortunately, certain […]