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Are Cat Breeds Less Distinct Than Dog Breeds?

Cat breeds are as varied as they are beautiful.

In the United States alone, there are more than 58 million pet cats, meaning that 25.4% of all households in America have at least one cat. With these numbers, it’s no surprise at all that many people want to acquire a new furry friend. But before deciding on a cat, they must decide what kind of cat is best for them and their lifestyle. To help a little in that aspect, we have put together a list of popular cats and their personalities. Continue reading to find a cat that fits you!

Most Common Cat Breeds

While most people aren’t choosing a cat, or any pet for that matter, based on popularity, it is important to know why some breeds are more common than others. The most common types of cat breeds tend to be very friendly and quite independent, allowing their cat owners to live their lives without having to worry excessively about their feline friend. Here are a few options for you to know about.

American Shorthair

Not only is the American shorthair cat one of the most popular cats in the U.S., but they are also one of the favorites among families with children. Although initially, the first settlers brought them over from Europe to catch mice, they are now known to have a great disposition around adults, other pets, and kids especially.

American shorthair cats won’t drive you crazy running around the house, nor will they sleep in all day, making them one of the best cats to have all around.

British Shorthair

British shorthair cats are one of the oldest cat breeds known, as their origin dates back to the Romans in the first century. Their short but thick coat of hair, coupled with their very popular orange eyes, makes for a very recognizable cat, so much so that they have been present in many films and tv series.

British shorthair cats are very calm throughout their life and won’t beg you for attention but will surely appreciate it from time to time.

Common Black Cat Breeds

While some people believe that black cats are a sign of bad luck, others rejoice at the idea of having one of them at home. Black cats are all incredibly beautiful while being very distinct from each other. For those who are thinking of getting a black cat, here are a couple of options for you to consider.


Persians are a very popular breed of cats and probably the oldest we know of, even older than the British shorthair. There are hieroglyphics referring to Persian cats as old as 1684 B.C. As you can imagine by their name, the belief is that they originated in Persia thousands of years ago.

While Persian cats’ coats and eyes come in a variety of colors and combinations, black Persian cats usually come with copper-colored eyes. Additionally, they have very soft and beautiful long coats of hair that require daily brushing and regular cleanings if you want to keep them clean and healthy. z


Bombay cats are famous because of their similarity to panthers. They are completely black, including their little paws, and have either yellow or copper-colored eyes. They originated quite recently in 1953 as a mix of a black American Shorthair and a Sable Burmese.

Not only are Bombays smart and active cats, but they are also friendly with humans to the point of demanding petting and cuddling from time to time. Additionally, They are able to co-exist with other animals as long as other cats respect them.

Common Big Cat Breeds

Similar to how some people prefer big dogs over small dogs, some cat lovers would rather have a big cat than a smaller one. Whether it is because they enjoy cuddling with them more or aren’t afraid of accidentally stepping on them, we give you a few different big cat breed options for you to look at.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the biggest cat breeds out there. They don’t stop growing until they reach three to five years of age and can weigh up to 30 lbs. Add to the picture their long and shaggy coat of hair, and you have a pretty imposing-looking cat. However, their size doesn’t stop them from being very friendly with people and quite easy to train. They are even known as gentle giants thanks to their great disposition around humans.


Coming with a height of up to 11 inches and weighing as much as 20 pounds for male cats, the ragdoll is one of the most popular cat breeds out there. Their long coat comes in a variety of colors ranging from lilac to chocolate, and their eyes tend to be a beautiful light blue color.

They love hanging around their pet owners and even like being carried around. They get the nickname “puppy cat” from their impressive affection toward people.

Emergency Medical Care for Pets

If you or anyone you know notices some weird behaviors with their furry friend, don’t wait until it’s too late to figure out what is causing the problem and contact Brightcare Veterinary Group as soon as possible. Being open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, we’ll be ready for any emergency your pet may have.