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What Are Some Good Tricks to Teach My Dog?

Dog tricks

For thousands of years, dogs have been labeled and recognized as “man’s best friend” and have been an integral aspect of our lives. These wonderful pets also have cordial and loving relationships with both children and adults.

Dogs, our beloved pets, not only give their owners love but also receive it, unknowingly becoming the most trusted confidants for their human parents. Without a doubt, we love our pets; their playful innocence and loving behavior fill our life with joy.

Not to mention, our pets even do miracles for our health without us realizing it. But one of the biggest questions remains. Why do we get so attached to our pets? The function of attachment is safety, security, and survival. Pets are reliant on us; as their human caregivers, we provide and protect them. But, in a twist of fate, people are reliant on a pet’s unconditional love, companionship, and interaction.

As your trusted animal emergency center, Brightcare Animal ER remains committed to providing the most advanced and comprehensive pet care and educating our pet parents by providing essential information that will ensure a long and happy relationship with Fido.

Today, we want to share some tips and tricks with you so that you can make the most out of the time you spend with your furry, cuddly companion. Maybe you are researching to see if it’s time to add another four-legged member to your family, or perhaps you want to brush up on your knowledge of how to keep your pet happy and healthy.

A Happy Dog Is a Tired Dog

Generally speaking, as the familiar saying goes, “a happy dog is a tired dog,” but how exactly can you tell if your dog is getting the amount of exercise they need? You can easily tell if your dog is getting the right amount of exercise by keeping an eye on what your best friend does when they get home.

If your dog falls over and sleeps for the rest of the day, you probably overdid it. If your dog runs up to you with their favorite toy and wants to keep playing, you should continue until your dog burns off some more energy. However, if your dog gets home and takes a nap, congratulations! You’ve found the right amount of exercise for your best friend.

Top Ten Tips to Make Your Dogs Life Happy

In addition to exercising, your dog also needs some other things to be in top shape.

Provide Adequate Shelter

Designate a spot for your dog within your home. If you can keep your dog indoors, look into purchasing a doghouse for your pet so that they can seek shelter from rain, cold, or heat. It’s crucial to provide dog’s with a safe space they can truly feel is theirs.

Supply Clean and Dry Bedding

Wash and dry your dogs’ bedding at least once a week. There are many bedding options available at your local pet store that are washer and dryer safe.

Provide Clean, Fresh Water

Just like humans, dogs need to remain hydrated. It’s important to provide them with fresh and clean water throughout the day. Unfortunately, they can’t serve themselves, so it’s up to us to give them a hand and keep fresh water bowls nearby.

Feed a High-Quality Pet Food

Feeding a higher quality food leads to a longer and healthier life for most pets, with lower veterinarian bills. The cost of the higher quality food over the pet’s life is well worth it when you consider the decreased veterinarian bills and reduced risk of health issues that result from proper nutrition. Unlike regular human foods, especially leftovers from processed foods, high-quality pet foods usually include vitamins and minerals that are essential for your pup’s bones, skin, and coat. Human foods can be part of their diet, but you should consult with the veterinarian; you could also consult with this other article to understand what good dog nutrition requires.

Maintain Proper Body Weight

Helping your dog maintain a healthy weight is important to ensure that they have the best quality of life with you. Managing your pet’s weight helps to aid their mobility and prevent joint stiffness. Keep a record of their body weight near their official medical records for future reference.

Exercise Your Dog Regularly

Regular exercise helps your dog’s joints and bones. Exercise will also help your dog keep their ideal weight.

Play With Your Dog Daily

Games provide your dog with much-needed mental stimulation. It’s also a great way to share some quality time with your pet doing something you both enjoy.

Take Your Dog to the Vet at Least Once a Year

Just like any other living being, your dog is prone to health issues and diseases. Schedule a checkup with your vet at least once a year to make sure your dog remains in tip-top shape.

Keep Your Dog Under Control at All Times

Contrary to popular belief, dogs need and feel more confident and secure when their pet owners give them rules to follow and boundaries.

Give Your Dog a Purpose

Teach your dog to help you in some way, or run errands with them, teach them a new trick, rotate toys, introduce them to new faces and places. In short, keep your dog’s mind active, so they don’t get bored. Keeping your dog mentally stimulated will keep them from misbehaving.

Make Your Pet a Part of Your Family

Remember that dogs are pack animals. They need to feel like part of a pack or family. Take walks as a family or a family outing to your local park with your dog. You can also try feeding your dog at the same time you are having a meal or even positioning their bedding in an area where your whole family gathers, maybe your living room.

By following the above tips, we are sure your dog will feel loved and cared for every day of their happy life. However, so that you can have even more fun with your best friend, we would like to share some tricks you can teach your dog. Teaching your dog tricks will give them a chance to make you a proud parent and also a way of earning yummy treats through a food reward that rewards the correct response from your pet

Dog Tricks

Dog tricks are something you can teach your dog, and use them to impress friends and family. However, by learning tricks, your dog’s overall obedience and manners will improve correcting any undesirable behavior your pet has. You don’t need to invest in expensive training classes; instead, we want our readers to consider house training, as proper training creates stronger bonds between parents and pets.

A trick training session will also improve your dog’s health. Many tricks help build muscle tone and stamina, increase flexibility, balance, and concentration, boost your dog’s confidence and trust in you. Here are the top three common commands and easy pet tricks to teach your dog that don’t require much training techniques.


Maybe one of the easiest tricks you can teach your dog. But also one that involves many wet smooches. Make eye contact and place a treat near your cheek, and when your dog goes in for the yummy snack, add the word kiss. Your pup will be delighted to receive a treat in exchange for a kiss.


This is a fun dog trick that can come in handy in a variety of situations. Once your dog knows how to back up on command, you can use it to keep it from rushing out the door, crowding you at the refrigerator. Make eye contact before arming yourself with a bunch of treats and simply walk closely towards your dog, forcing him to “back up.”

Give Me Paw

Your dog will love the positive attention this trick brings him; this is also a trick your dog can learn in short obedience training sessions. This translates to many opportunities for your dog to earn treats. Show your dog his favorite treat. While saying “give me paw,” make eye contact and gently pick up your dog’s paw, praise, and provide the treat. This will surely be your dog’s favorite trick to perform.

Remember, any activity that you share with your dog should be a chance to have fun, relax and spend quality time together. Be patient and offer your positive pet reinforcement every time he does his best to please you. All these positive reinforcements to your relationship will help reduce any aggressive behavior they may show towards strangers.

If at any time, while practicing tricks, sports, or even while out for a regular walk, you should experience an emergency involving your pet. The veterinarians and staff at BrightCare emergency vet clinic are ready to help you and your pet immediately. Contact us today.

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