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The Hard Decision to Euthanize

Having to euthanize your pet is a traumatic experience. There’s no denying that. Many pet owners do everything they can to help their household friends overcome whatever situation they face. Still, sometimes, the illness can take a downturn, and euthanasia becomes a viable option to help avoid more pain.

We, as veterinarians, love our patients. There is no easy way of doing this. Still, after a very long process doing everything we could to help them, sometimes the only option available is to minimize their suffering and do the most humane thing possible.

Here in California, it is legal to ask trained personal to euthanize a pet. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has compiled all state laws regarding this controversial subject.

Still, the decision to follow through with this procedure is never easy. Are there ways to minimize the emotional pain? Is this procedure ethical? We hope this blog article will help address some of your concerns.

The Controversy of Euthanasia

Back in 2018, a single tweet sparked a heated debate about this matter. A Twitter user shared a brief anecdote that went viral. They mentioned that their vet considered putting an animal down to be the most challenging part of their job.

Veterinarians choose this career because of our love of animals. Having to stop one’s life is honestly heartbreaking.

Many individuals even claim that euthanasia is completely unethical, claiming that no one would put any relative through the same situation. However, the situation is different. Humans are usually able to express their feelings on the matter.

In such difficult times, people can typically say whether they want to carry on with their treatments or if they wish to completely terminate all such medical efforts. Either decision is brave, and we cannot even imagine what goes through the minds of those close to such situations.

Unfortunately, the same is not true for most household pets. They cannot tell us if they have been suffering too much and want the pain to stop. All we can do is provide them with all the help we can and make them as comfortable as possible.

Loving pet owners request supportive and palliative care to make their pets as comfortable as they can during their final moments, but some situations are inescapable. At the end of a very exhausting and challenging medical treatment, pet owners may have to choose to put their pets to rest in the most humane way possible.

How to Make the Process to Euthanize Less Daunting

Part of the controversy mentioned above included a message saying that many pet owners decided to leave their pets with the veterinarian, and the pets spent their final moments without a familiar face comforting them.

Again, this is a difficult moment, and no one should judge a pet owner who cannot bear being in the room as their pet passes away. However, we do have some suggestions that could help make the experience less traumatic.

You could start by considering requesting a visit to your home from a trained caregiver. Here in California, you could contact licensed veterinarians, registered veterinarian technicians, or trained animal control shelter employees to administer the necessary drugs to euthanize your pet at home.

If you do take your pet to a veterinary setting, you could help your pet through many acts of kindness such as:

  • Bringing a familiar object like a bed, blanket, or toy
  • Giving your pet their favorite food, such as roast chicken or roast beef
  • Staying in the room with them

Even if the process can be extremely emotionally demanding, staying with your pet during this process can help them achieve a sense of peace during the transition.

Euthanasia & Saying Goodbye During Difficult Times

2020 saw brave pet owners face unprecedented challenges as a global pandemic made this difficult process even more challenging.

Suddenly, pet owners weren’t allowed inside the emergency veterinarian centers, and many saw their carefully laid-out plans turned asunder.

We want to reassure all our readers. Your pet will complete that transition with professionals who provide them with the caring attention they need. Trying to coordinate a home visit to say goodbye may be difficult, but finding a team of veterinarians you can trust is crucial to receive the support you need when you need it.

Here at BrightCare, we will always try to provide our patients with the best veterinarian emergency treatments they need. Make sure you read our other articles to know more about how to help your pet during an emergency. Give us a call if you need emergency services, and coordinate with your pet’s veterinarian to get the support you require during those difficult times.

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