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Leaving Your Pet Overnight at a 24 Hour Emergency Vet

There is nothing nice about a veterinary emergency. Everyone is alarmed, your pet’s life is at risk, you are worried, the specialized team works against the clock to save a life. The only good thing is when the staff walks out and tells you everything is fine, and you can soon take your pet back home. But then again, there are times when the team might ask you to leave your pet for overnight care at the 24 hour emergency vet hospital.

We strive to provide our readers and all pet owners who count on us for help with enough information to aid their pets during emergencies. The primary goal is to help pet owners know how to identify and properly deal with various emergencies at a moment’s notice.

Still, overcoming your pet’s veterinary emergency is not an easy task. First, there’s the initial shock of the emergency itself. Trauma, lacerations, and poisoning are considered emergencies and require unique care. Once you overcome that initial surprise and identify what you need to do, there’s the risk of transporting your pet during emergencies to a 24 hour emergency vet center for appropriate care.

Finally, there’s another hurdle to overcome: your pet requires overnight monitoring. In and of itself, that is not bad news; however, many pet owners might be worried, considering this may be the first time their pet stays away from home.

So, why would anyone ask you to leave your pet at a veterinary center? Should you be worried? Let’s take a look at what happens in a veterinary center when your pet stays overnight.

Does Everyone Offer 24 Hour Emergency Vet Care?

The short answer is no.

Many of our fellow veterinarians offer routine care but do not have the necessary equipment to deal with life-threatening situations at any moment. Unlike regular veterinarians, a dedicated emergency clinic can provide your pet with the proper medical care required by their life-threatening situation.

Even other veterinary clinics offer to keep your pets overnight but do not count on the necessary personnel to keep your pet company when they’re still vulnerable. Make sure you ask if the veterinary facility has at least a nurse-for-hire service you can use to monitor your pet more closely.

Luckily, here at BrightCare Veterinary Group, you can trust that there will always be someone checking in on your fur baby as part of our overnight care services. It wouldn’t do much if we called ourselves a 24 hour emergency vet care center and then fail to have real animal-loving specialists check on our patients during their recovery.

Will You Be Taking Your Pet to a 24 Hour Emergency Vet Care?

It’s nearly impossible to prepare for every possible life-threatening situation your fur baby can face. Still, there are a few things you should keep in mind to help make it easier on your pet if they require overnight care services at a veterinary facility.

First of all, if you know your pet baby has to stay away from home and family, you should bring a couple of things with you to the vet clinic. The staff will let you know beforehand if your pet baby has to stay after some surgical procedure. If that were the case, bring with you a comforting object such as your pet baby’s favorite blanket or toy.

If your dog needs overnight care services, they will appreciate having a comforting object with them during late-hours care. Of course, we understand if that toy was not a priority as you were thinking of cleaning an open wound or helping during a case of animal poisoning.

Still, suppose our staff tells you that your pet baby is stable and has to stay for the night to fully recover. In that case, you could drive home and back to bring us those comforting items or their favorite food (only if it’s ok with the veterinary recommendations for proper care).

Overnight Care Is Not Always Necessary

Rest easy; your next visit to a 24 hour emergency vet care hospital may not necessarily result in overnight care for your pet. Our primary goal is to ensure that your fur baby returns to their usual and healthy self as fast as possible.

Some situations may require additional monitoring, but we won’t push for this situation if it’s not your pet’s case — usually, neither the patient nor the pet’s parents like the idea of staying away from home. Pets will often feel anxious and sad to see their owners leave, so we try to be as supportive as possible and provide our patients with the necessary attention and love.

Talk to the staff and veterinarians about your pet’s case to determine if your pet will require overnight care in a hospital setting. However, if the specialists agree on letting the patient go home because there won’t be any complications during their recovery, you can all go back home without problems.

Be Ready to Take Action

Give us a call here at BrightCare. Talk to our veterinarians or staff if your pet needs any professional help during an emergency. Visit other articles in our blog to learn more about common veterinary emergencies and how you can be ready to stabilize your pet.

Stay safe!

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