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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Cat

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Cat

Happy holidays! While you’re doing your Christmas shopping, don’t forget to pick up a special treat (or two!) for your cat. It is so much fun to spoil your pets during the holidays, and they certainly appreciate being included in the festivities. Here are some great gift ideas for your feline fur babies!


Cats always appreciate a special treat or snack. Of course, a classic cat treat is catnip! You can gift your kitty some catnip in many different forms, including catnip infused toys, catnip fortune cookies, or even catnip “joints.” Be sure to only give your cat catnip in small amounts to avoid illness. The great thing about catnip-infused toys, like these mice, is that the catnip is diluted so there is a much lower chance of your cat ingesting too much! Another option is to get your cat some of their favorite cat food that they can enjoy for Christmas dinner, or pick up any of the multitude of treats out there.


If you’re looking for something fun to keep your cat occupied, try picking out some new toys! Cats are very curious, and love to play with new things. Your cat might enjoy some classics, like toy mice or a ball of yarn. There are so many options on the market, the possibilities are endless. Cats with more energy may enjoy chasing after a laser pointer, creating fun for both you and your pet! Cats also enjoy toys with ‘feathers,’ and other interactive things to play with. You’ll both have a blast!

Thinking Bigger?

If you’re looking for a bigger, more extravagant gift to give your cat this year, consider a new play structure! Cats love scratching posts and cat trees to explore and relax on. You’ll surely be able to find one that fits the space you have and the style of your home. Scratching posts are also very functional, as they help them keep their nails clean and maintained. If you’ve got a lot of space, it may even be fun to look into building or purchasing a “catio,” where you cat can relax and get some sun and fresh air while still staying safe! Another practical gift (that keeps on giving!) for your cat is a new or additional litter box.

We know you love to spoil you cats, and hope this guide will give you some gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. Remember to call us for your animal emergency needs!

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