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Safely Enjoy Dog Friendly Activities in Ladera Ranch

Dog Friendly Activities in Ladera Ranch

Summer is coming, and despite ice cream melting so quickly, our hearts are so joyful and excited that we can just roll on the green grass playing with our pets. Yes, joy, fun, and happiness are the beauty of outdoor activities, especially in summer.

Proximity to green space is associated with lower stress levels and reduced symptomology for depression and anxiety. Also, lost productivity related to common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety accrues $1 trillion in estimated losses each year.

So, activities and green spaces to enjoy our spare time and share with family and our furry best friends are excellent allies to avoiding mental disorders. There is no wonder why dogs are humans’ best friends. Dogs can distinguish different emotional states in humans and accompany us when we feel a little sad.

Therefore, outdoor activities like walking and playing provide a unique advantage to endear dogs to their owners. So, in retribution for our dog’s love, we include some advice on avoiding a Heat Stroke in Dogs, the importance of the dog’s neurological stability, and fun things to do in Ladera Ranch.

Heat Stroke in Dogs

A heat stroke is an internal body temperature rise in dogs above 105° Fahrenheit. However, some signals of overheating might occur at about 101.5° Fahrenheit. Dogs cool down by panting, evaporating moisture from their tongues, and letting cool airflow to their lungs. Also, dogs cool down by expanding their blood vessels.

As pet owners, we must be aware of the weather and exposure time to such conditions. In fact, a Heat Stroke is a life-threatening situation that needs special attention, for instance, when your dog pants heavily and rapidly, displays excessive drooling, and has a higher heart rate. Several factors might contribute to a Heat Stroke:

  • An essential element is confinement in hot areas, for instance, in a car without ventilation or direct sunlight without water;
  • Other factors might be related to a dog’s physical condition such as age, weight (overweight), physical fitness;
  • Medical conditions and breed characteristics can also affect a dog’s ability to overcome a Heat Stroke. For example, a longhaired or short-nosed dog is prone to overheat, and dogs with hypothyroidism that affect the thyroid glands.

The Importance of a Dog’s Neurological Stability

A Heat Stroke can affect a dog’s neurological stability. Body temperatures above 105° Fahrenheit might cause permanent brain damage in dogs. Unfortunately, if the thermoregulatory center gets affected, future episodes of heat strokes might occur. Consequently, it is vital to reduce or eliminate a Heat Stroke’s first occurrence. To do so, we recommend you follow these recommendations:

  • Consider the environment temperature before taking your dog out;
  • Be aware of the time playing with your dog when hot;
  • Carry plenty of water for your dog to drink;
  • Avoid confining your dog in hot conditions like inside a car.

Fun Things to Do in Ladera Ranch

Now that we are aware of the negative consequences of a Heat Stroke in dogs and how to prevent it, we want to share some of the fun parks and a beach you and your pet can enjoy together nearby in Ladera Ranch.

Wagsdale Dog Park

The best news is that Wagsdale Dog Park is a dog park. At Wagsdale, you can find lots and lots of grass and dog water fountains. With spaces to rest from the sun, this is a must-go place to have fun with your pet.

Orange Dog Park

Orange Dog Park is a fenced leash-free park. There are many spaces to play and have shaded areas and bags for your dog’s needs.

Huntington Dog Beach

If your dog could talk, it definitely would say ¡Please take me there! Huntington Dog Beach is a dog-designed beach with grassy spots and water fountains for humans and pets. Remember some rules apply, like taking care of dogs’ waste and preventing your dog from being aggressive to other dogs or humans. However, your pet will have lots of fun playing in the shallow water.

Eisenhower Dog Park

Well, in this park, your furry friend must have a leash. However, Eisenhower Dog Parks is a beautiful place to walk your pet.

Laguna Beach Dog Park

There are some strict rules at Laguna Beach Dog Park, but it is still fun to take your pet there. As in every other park, you will have to pick up your dog’s waste, and a leash is mandatory at entering and leaving the park. Other restrictions include your pet has to be licensed to enter the park. Dog’s aggressiveness is definitively a no, no at Laguna Beach Dog Park.

Dairyland Dog Park

Dogs voted Dairyland Dog Park as the best option for playing and having fun. You can take your best friend to this park to play unleashed. There is appropriate infrastructure with fences, water fountains, restrooms, and picnic tables for humans.

Olive Hills Dog Park

Olive Hills Dog Park is a space that has it all. Your little or big friend can play off-leash in little and big dog separate areas. The most attractive part of this park is its agility equipment for dogs.

In an emergency due to Heat Stroke or if you presume your dog has a neurological affectation, bring your pet immediately to Brightcare Animal Neurology. We will take care of your friend to enjoy a beautiful summer with you. At Brightcare Animal Neurology, we offer extended hours and can often see your pet with a same-day emergency outside of regular weekly and weekend hours.

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