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Convincing Your Cat to Come to the Vet

Convincing Your Cat to Come to the Vet

Every cat owner knows how difficult it can be to get your cat to the vet! We may love their personality at home, but cats are often stubborn and uncomfortable in situations where they do not feel that they are in control. However, it is necessary to bring your beloved feline in for check ups and emergency pet care situations. Here are some tips for making the process a little easier for both of you!

Carrier Comfort

Many cats do not spend very much time in their travel carriers, so they are very uncomfortable being confined to them for vet visits. Try putting their carrier in their regular play area occasionally so that they can get used to it. Leave it open so that they can come and go as they please. You can place their favorite treats or toys in there so that they feel inclined to spend time in it and get acclimated for future trips.

The Traveling Cat

Another issue with trips to the vet is that most cats are not accustomed to car rides, and this adds another level of unfamiliarity to the experience for them. While it doesn’t usually make sense to drive your cat around with you, try taking the occasional five minute spin around the block with them. This experience will help them feel more comfortable with driving, and this way they will not associate car rides with only unpleasant trips to the vet.

Set a Good Example

Your pet cares what you think! Be sure to show your cat that you are comfortable with their vet by talking directly to the doctor, making eye contact, and participating in animated conversation. This should begin as early as the waiting room. Show your cat that you are relaxed and comfortable in this new space by sitting and speaking calmly, and this will help them feel more at ease.

Make it a Family Affair

Cats often identify each other and familiar spaces by smell, so when you bring one cat to the vet it can result in a confusing homecoming for your other pets because of the new smells on their furry buddy. Whenever possible, try to bring your cats to the vet at the same time. If this is too challenging, be sure to spend some time transitioning your pet who went to the vet from the carrier back into the shared home space to ensure the safety and comfort of all your animals.

End With a Treat

No matter what, taking a trip to the vet is always going to be a bit of a hassle for your kitty! Be sure to reward them with a toy, treat, or extra snuggles and affection when they get back home in order to help them calm back down and restore the peace.

We hope these tips were helpful for you and your pets! If you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to call our office! We are here to help you get your pet to the veterinary neurologist in Mission Viejo for the treatment it needs. 

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