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Mosquitoes in Irvine: Can They Spread Neurological Illnesses?

October 17, 2019 Recently, the OC Register has reported that a number of mosquitoes in Orange County have tested positive for St. Louis Encephalitis. These mosquitoes were found in Westminster and Anaheim, which are cities in close proximity to Irvine and Mission Viejo.  While there have been no cases of human infection yet, there isn’t […]

Best Parks to Take Your Dog in Irvine

A dog is a human’s best friend, so shouldn’t we take our best friends out to more parks? Taking your dog to a park or a dog park can be extremely beneficial to their health. Taking your dog to the park allows them room to run and get a breath of fresh air. There is […]

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Mission Viejo

As animal neurologists and pet lovers here in Mission Viejo, why know how important it is for our furry patients and their families to be able to go out to eat together! Bringing your dog out to a restaurant can be a special treat for them, as they’ll get to enjoy all the new sights […]

Cat Movies and Where to Watch Them in Irvine, CA

Calling all cat fanatics! We love our feline patients at Bright Care and to honor them, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite cat movies over the years. Grab a bucket of popcorn (or some catnip) and join us for a summer movie marathon!  1. Pet Sematary (2019)  If you like scary movies, the 2019 […]

Is Catnip Safe for Your Cat?

We all know that cats love catnip. Whether you’ve seen cat videos on the internet or have watched your own kitties go crazy for catnip (or both – we won’t judge you!), you probably know what we’re talking about. However, do you know how catnip works, or if it is healthy for your cats? As […]

Out of the Box Activities for Dog Lovers in Orange County

Summer is the perfect time to switch it up and try some new things! Of course, there are so many great places to bring your dogs for walking, grooming, and treat shopping in Orange County. However, there are also so many other ways that pet lovers can enjoy and celebrate animals that are a little […]

Best Grooming Salons Ladera Ranch

For those of us that have dogs, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to find a groomer that your pet is comfortable with. What may work for your friend’s dog, might not always be the best for yours. Luckily, we found some of the best rated pet grooming salons in the Ladera Ranch […]

Dog Groomers in Irvine

Finding the perfect groomer for your dog can often be stressful because every dog has different needs and requires a different type of care. Finding a groomer that your dog loves can be a long road of trial and error, but this article is here to help you make a decision! Below are three highly […]

What is Vestibular Disease?

Neurological disorders don’t actually specify the problem affecting an animal. Rather, they describe the conditions that the animal suffers, so there are a number of reasons that could be causing your pet’s neurological disorder. A common problem that can lead to neurological problems is vestibular disease. It is characterized by a sudden disturbance in the […]

Pet-Friendly Holiday in Long Beach

Whether you’re traveling or staying at home, Long Beach has tons of resources to offer you in caring for your pets during the Holidays! We know that despite being some of the best times of the year, the Holidays can also be some of the most stressful times of the year, so hopefully this list […]