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Pet Adoption in Orange County

Are you looking to bring a new pet into your home? As animal lovers, we would like to encourage you to consider adoption as an option! When you choose to adopt a pet, you are offering a second (or even a third) chance for an animal to have a happy and safe life in a loving home. In most cases, adoption is less costly than buying an animal from a pet store or breeder, and services such as spaying/neutering are included in the adoption fees.

There are a lot of animals out there who need good and loving homes, and there are plenty of organizations here in Orange County that can help you adopt the right pet for you!

OC Animal Care

OC Animal Care, located in Santa Ana, offers many services and resources for pet owners and animal lovers in Orange County. They have lots of pets available for adoption! Their selection changes as pets are rescued and adopted, but they typically have cats, dogs, and other animals like birds, rabbits, and turtles available. For an up to date list of available animals, check their website.

OC Humane Society

OC Humane Society is another great organization in Orange County. At their primary location in Huntington Beach, they house cats and dogs that are available for adoption. All adoption packages include spaying/neutering, a pre-adoption exam, vaccinations, a microchip with registration, and a free exam at AAA Animal Hospital. They also offer adoption specials that allow people to adopt older animals at a lower cost, as well as plenty of volunteer opportunities.

WAGS Pet Adoption

WAGS Pet Adoption Agency primarily serves Westminster and Stanton, and offers adoption and rescue services. According to their website, in addition to cats and dogs they also house and adopt out birds, turtles, snakes, tortoises and pot belly pigs. They are committed to rescuing any animal in their area who needs it, regardless of whether or not the shelter staff believes the animal is “adoptable.”

The Pet Adoption Center of Orange County

The Pet Adoption Center of Orange County, located in Lake Forest, houses their adoptable animals in their home-like, contemporary facility or in foster homes. Because of this model, they are proud to say that their animals are socialized by the staff and foster parents, and therefore are very adoptable and transition easily into new homes. In addition to typical volunteer opportunities, The Pet Adoption Center of Orange County also offers opportunities to volunteer as a foster parent for the animals in their care.

Irvine Animal Care Center

The Irvine Animal Care Center houses cats, dogs, rabbits, and rodents that are available for adoption in the city of Irvine. Each adoption includes spaying/neutering, a general veterinary examination, vaccinations and health screenings, flea treatment, de-worming, a microchip with lifetime registration, a sample bag of Science Diet (dog or cat) or a bag of hay (rabbit), and a free vet check. The Irvine Animal Care Center also hosts a foster care program for underaged animals, which you can apply for on their website.

There are several other wonderful organizations in Orange County who provide valuable services to animals in need. We hope this list gives you a place to start your search for your adopted pet! Once you’ve found your perfect new companion, be sure to schedule an appointment with us!

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